Sunday, December 17, 2006

Chill weather... Crowded city...And a beautiful girl!

This is about a girl who attracted my attention for a while when i was going to office one day morning... To read more...

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Moments with an old man...

It was an afternoon and i was standing in the Bus stop of this well known city. The hot sun rays were making people to move towards shadows of trees and bus stops here and there. I was not able to stand a long time under that hot sun. So i thought to move to stand under the bus stop shadow until my bus arrives. When i made my move, an elderly voice stopped me. "thambiii..." (if you dont understand that word, its sometimes usual way of calling a stranger in tamil)

The old man, who stopped me, looked very tired. His eyes were dark circled. He would be more than 60 years old.

"Son... i ashamed to ask this but i dont have any other option. i am from **** town and my son didn't want to take care of me. he asked me to get away from the house... so i got away from there. i came to this city thinking that i could work somewhere and earn something for my food. but since i am old, no one is ready to employee me even as a server in the hotel. they are telling what can you do in this old age. it had been four days since i had my food. i feel so hungry. i really didn't want to beg but i don't know what to do. because i feel so hungry, I was thinking whom i can ask... could you give something to get me some food, please..."

His voice was shivering and the words were struggling to come out from his mouth. Of course, he wasn't looking like a begger.

I could see the real hunger in his face. I really felt so pity about his situation. The way he talked really showed that he didn't like to beg but who can stand the hunger for a long time. That too in that kind of old age.

I just opened my purse and took some ** rupees notes ( i didnt count how many notes were there...) and gave it to him and said "Go and have some food...". He really got surprised by my action. He didn't expect that i would give him that much amount without even counting how much it was. I could see a sudden tears in his eyes.

Actually he wasn't crying but got over emotioned. He said "i... i spent all my lifetime and hardwork to make my son to become one of the important person in this society. now his wife has become more important to him... he didn't even hesitate to say 'get-away from here'... but you are someone stranger but ready to help me... i dont know how i could thank you..." He really wasn't able to talk more.

I smiled and said "you look so tired. first go and have some food..."

I have seen lot of persons who is not at all caring about their parents but to the outside world they would say lot of advices like "be like this... like that etc". I really hate persons who ignores their parents who truely worked hard to make him the best person in the society. I wonder how they tend to forget them and how they could be such a selfish fellow who don't even care about how they would feel or how it would hurt them.

I thought that "this is something that we should learn that we should not forget our parents who really helped us to reach such heights in the life and later letting them to beg like this even for their basic needs..." If our parents suffer even for their basic needs, we would never be blessed in our life. Thats what i feel...

Meantime, the bus, which i was waiting for, had come... so i ran to catch the bus... after some struggle with that huge crowd i got into the bus and i tried to see that old man through the back side window of the bus.

He was walking towards a hotel nearby.