Monday, October 11, 2010

Why don't they do something about it..?

Fear and worry are the worst enemies.. But even after knowing it, you tend to afraid and worry about something when you come to know that it is out of your hand to control. At least in those cases it is acceptable because your fears and worries come out of the thoughts that you couldn't do anything about the situation..

But some people still worry about few things even though they know that they can do something about it.. They knew that they can change things if they take effort. But they don't do it. I don't know why.. I pity them..

When you know that there is something to worry about, don't you think that you gotta take some steps to bring the situation that can keep you comfortable (if not corrected, at least to have a feeling that you are on top of it to handle)??? God, why do people just sit and worry without doing something about it..? I pity them.. I really do..

Sunday, October 03, 2010

An innocent and an ass..

"Daddy, what is ass..?"

I was shocked when my three year old son asked me that question innocently. 'who the hell taught him that word?', I thought inside.

"Ah.. ass is an animal.. may be.. ah.. you can think it as kind of another variant of horse.. I will show you the picture sometime..", I thought I managed the question. But he continued.

"So.. mom has that animal? she never showed me..", childish words came out of his mouth..

"Mom..? no.. she doesn't have that animal.. why do you think mommy has one?"

"Because you told mom that 'i will kick your ass'. how can you kick mom's ass if she doesn't have one..?", he asked innocently.

"What..? oh.. uff.. you heard what i said?"

"Ya.. why do you want to kick that poor animal anyway..? isn't she pitiful?", he went on asking. I was speechless..

[Just to mention, it is written based on my imagination, not a real happening :-)]

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Good or good looking..?

We were sitting on the park bench.. Her cell phone started giving some beep.. She.. My girl friend.. It was an SMS that one of her friends had sent.. She read it and then turned my side with a smile..

"What..? What is it about..?", I got curious..

She smiled again and showed it to me. The SMS read:

Tragedies of boys life:

1. Good girls are not good looking..
2. Good looking girls are not good..
3. Good looking, good girls are not single..
4. Good looking, good girls who are yet single have strong brothers..

After finished reading it, I chuckled and gave her mobile back..

She looked into my eyes with a smile and asked, "true, ah??".

I laughed little loud and said, "yeah.. i think so..!".

"So, I'm not good looking, is it?", she asked. Her face turned little serious.

"No.. no.. no.. noooo.. You are beautiful", when the words came out of my lips, i started sensing whats going on. But my statement doesn't seem to have made her happy.

"oh..!", she paused for a second and then continued, "so then, i'm not a good girl, ah?", she looked straight into my eyes.

'God!!', i whispered to myself..

"No dear! I didn't say like that.. You are a verrry good and a nice person.. You knew it", i said aloud..

"But just now you said, that SMS is true.. That is, good looking girls are not good and good girls are not good looking"

"No no.. there were other statements also right..", she didn't let me finish.

"What other statements..? Obviously I'm not a married girl, so that rules out the third statement.. and I don't have any brother.. So, i fit into any of the first two only right?"

"But honey..", again she cut me off in the middle..

"You say that I'm good looking and you also say that I'm a good girl.. One or the other is a lie and I want to know which one it is.."

'uffffff', I sighed. I was racing inside my mind.. 'what to say.. what to say.. quick.. quick.. aaaahhhhhhhh.. what to say.. what to..'

"Honey, listen.. listen..!! You fit into the third category.. 'not single' need not mean that you are married.. it can also mean that you are committed.. like.. you are committed to me.. you are beautiful.. you are very good.. but you are committed to me and that makes you 'not single'.. right?", I was desperate to see her reaction.. and, 'yessss..', a smile started glowing on her lips..

I continued, "see.. a gorgeous.. good girl.. committed to me.. how lucky i'm..!!", she blushed and smiled..

I didn't want her to think over my answer.. "Come on.. let me give you a hug..", I grabbed her and whispered at her ears, "ok.. tel me.. who sent you that SMS to you?" ['I wanna kick his a**', i said it to myself..]

She pushed me, "wait..", her eyebrows gone up.. She was thinking, "oh.. no.. not again!!", i said it to myself..

[Just to mention, it is written based on my imagination, not a real happening :-)]

Friday, October 01, 2010

Why is it so complicated..?

"Why is it so hard to talk to someone for the first time..?"

"Because we try to make it easy..!!"

[From the movie 'Ordinary People']

Very true.. Isn't it? Most of the times the struggle we face is due to the fact that we don't wanna go with our own flow.. We don't want to stick to the natural way of doing things.. Many a times, things get tough because we try to make it what it is not.

The complication begins when we wanna make it easier than how it actually is.. We know that going with natural flow is the best way to deal with anything, but even then we wanna try something different.. something new.. hoping that it could get us some better results in more easy ways.. but BANG!!!! mostly it results in we learning the same lesson, 'go with the flow' :D