Saturday, October 31, 2009

Long time since..

It has been a long time since I blogged.. One or the other things always keeping me busy. When nothing is keeping me busy, laziness occupies my mind. Have been thinking of getting rid off this laziness but my efforts doesn't lost for more than a week..

Now I have decided that I would start taking efforts on some of my hobbies I'm passionate about. Photography.. Cooking.. Writing.. Reading.. [ all non-technical stuffs ].. And yes, I did go out to shoot something in my camera.. The photo that you see here is something that I took a week back. I'm happy about the way the picture has come. Visit my Flickr account if you are interested to see few more pictures, which I took recently. It is just a start though.. More to come :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

(Re)search within..

Everyone wants to reach some heights [ I'm not talking about vertical height :-) ] in their life.. But not everyone understands or realizes what they are best at.

While some people over-look on their skills and/or ability on something that they are not even good at, there are people who underestimates their real skills and abilities on which they are potentially good at which can take them to the life's greatest heights.Everyone has talents in something.

Identifying the skill in which you are really good at, which can change your life and can make you to get the world's attention.. It is that ability that can bring you whatever you are looking for in your life.. name.. fame.. money.. and what not..!

Lots of people surprise me by saying that they are good for nothing. Come on, gimme a break.. Why are you closing your eyes and saying that it is dark [ If it is a dark night, don't worry, the Sun will raise again in few hours ;-) ]... Open your eyes, there are lots of opportunities in front of you. You are good at what you are destined for. Do a little (re)search within yourself and start rocking the world..

What are you waiting for? THIS is the time!!