Saturday, April 12, 2008

When a friend becomes stranger…

It was a Sunday night and I was hurrying to the bus stand to catch my bus. When I reached, the bus stand was heavily crowded. Bus stand is the place where you can see all kinds of feelings… It will always be packed with lots of actions – hurrying, shouting, running, tension…

After a little struggle, I found my bus… When I was about to get into the bus, I felt a little vibration inside my heart which was passed from the eyes. I couldn’t identify what kind of feeling that was. But the cause for the feeling was, I saw my good old friend with her mother. We were best friends during college days and because of some reasons we no longer talk with each other. It has been more than 4 years since I talked with her and more than 3 years since I saw her. I don’t know whether she noticed me, but I didn’t want to go and talk to her. It was a surprise that she was also traveling along with me to Bangalore that night on the same bus.

It wasn’t more than 8 months we had friendship during our college days but I can certainly say that her friendship was one of the best things I had in my life during those days. Our friendship broke because of misunderstandings and few other reasons. Nevertheless, I always have good wishes for her.

The bus started towards Bangalore and she was sitting few seats in front of me. I don’t know what kind of feelings I was undergoing at those moments. It was a strange feeling to see one of your best friends as stranger. It was a mixture of little ego about what had happened earlier yet having the same feelings of friendship, care and love. Even if your best friend becomes stranger, you still will have best wishes for him/her inside your heart. I wanted to turn my concentration somewhere else; I started looking outside the window. Lights of the opposite vehicles were passing my eyes quickly, so as the days we had friendship.

After a while, I saw that she was struggling to close her window. I noticed that no one was ready to help her. I wanted to go and help her because I didn’t want her to struggle. For few moments, I almost wanted to resume the friendship, but then I felt that she is on her own way now and I am on my own way and we are just doing well in that. We have to let go certain things in our life just for the goodness of few persons whom we love and care the most. Inside I felt very happy for her, because I know that now she must be keeping her mother and little sister happy after she started going to job.

I didn’t know how I slept, but when I woke up, the bus was nearing madiwala, where I had to get down. Surprisingly she also got down at the same place. I still don’t know whether she noticed me or not. She started walking in the direction where she has to go and certainly that was not the direction I have to go; I started walking towards my house.