Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why do you wanna decorate the tomb with flowers?

tomb with flower
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What is the point in decorating the tomb of your dear ones with flowers when you have deliberately missed all the opportunity given to you to make them feel special while they were alive..?

I have always seen that lots of people in this world never express their feelings to their loved ones, be it love, care, affection or whatsoever, when they are alive.. But they will try in all possible ways to show how truely they loved someone after they have gone. Why you people are being like that? What is wrong in expressing to your dear ones about your love, care or whatever you feel good about them when they are there? Why are you so afraid to make them feel special when they are alive in front of your eyes..?

How many times have you let your loved ones know how good you feel about them? When someone deserves to be told how special he/she is and how good he/she is, why you people are not taking the opportunities given to you to express him/her how special they are and how much you love him/her?

How do you think that a soul, which has passed away, will feel happy by you decorating the tomb with flowers when you didn't take any effort to tell them how worthy they are when they were alive?

Don't you think that you are doing the worst possible mistake in the world, which you can never correct, whenever you deliberately miss the opportunity to express what you feel about someone whenever you feel good about them..? Don't you think that a person, who is alive, deserves more than the tomb that contains just the corpse?

Learn to live the present moment that you got now.. Tell them that you love them when they deserve it.. Let them know that you care for them when they are alive.. Express how much affection you have towards someone when they are with you, not when they are gone.. Let them know how special they are when they truly deserve it.. Tell them how important they are in your life when they are in your life, not when they are gone away.. Why do you wanna control all your feelings and emotions..? Why do you wanna regret later? Now it is your choice...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ended so soon :-)

I didn't think that this chapter will end so soon.. I'm so angry on the Author that He finished the chapter very soon when I hoping that there are lot more pages to go. I don't know why He decided to kill those characters whom I was eagerly looking forward in the upcoming chapters.

I know that the Author is well known for writing each and every chapter interesting irrespective of the characters appearing in that chapter. That makes me not to give up and tells me to go on further to read the upcoming chapters to see what is new and how the plot progresses.

But at this point, I'm filled with bit of disappointment and little emptiness, I think :-)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Looks like..

Looks like this is not what I want :-) Perhaps something else.. Though I say this, I'm still in confused state..

If you are finding difficulty to understand what I'm writing about, it is good.. Good for you, as long as you don't understand what I'm writing about.. If you understand, then perhaps I'm not writing what I wanted.. Confused??? My intention in this post is to write something that others not able to understand ;-)

Ok.. Enough fun.. Get back to life!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where is it going?

Is it what I really want..? I dunno. Feel like living in a world of illusions.. Will this get me what I want? Or is it just going to be 'yet another monsoon breeze'? Though I feel happy about it, the cells of experience is putting me on alert. At times, it even worries [ is 'worry' a right word to use here, dunno know] me..

What am I suppose to do? Go on..? by hoping that something good will happen..

Sometimes [ is it just sometimes or 'most of the times'? ] I feel that this is what I want in my life.. This is what would keep me happy.. But at the same time, I dunno why, I am little confused as what I should do.

I just couldn't understand the magic of life.. When I want to move away, it just follows me.. When I turn back, it just hides.. It gives me a feel of playing 'hide and seek' game in a sweet little winter night..

Here is yet another interesting part of my life.. A chapter with lots of excitements and twists that will make the readers to keep on turning the pages. Will these characters appear in the upcoming chapters..? God only knows :-)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Is God concentrating on quantity than quality?

There are people who are blind, not able to see the beauty of this world, yet surviving with their senses of hearing and talking.. There are people who are deaf, not able to hear the magic of the sound, yet surviving with their sense of sight (and possibly sometimes talking).. There are people who are dumb, not able to express what they feel, yet surviving with their senses of hearing and seeing.. These pattern, what people call as 'God's creation', always made me to wonder is it God concentrating more on quantity rather than quality? Instead of creating one deaf, one blind and one dumb persons, why cannot He create a single human being with all these capabilities?

Why is that He takes away the life of those who have high aspirations to live and leaving those who desparately wanting to die...

Is it that He is such a sadistic game player???

PS: This post is just to read and forget.. Don't chew these thoughts in the back of your mind.. Have good times :-)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Describe me in one line...

Write your comment in this post to describe me in one line... I'm just curious to know what people think about me..

Just write a single line comment [if that is something bad, u can write it as anonymous user ;-) ] in this post that best describes me :-) If you have read this, commenting is a must :-)

If you are reading this post through Google Reader / Feeds, post your comment in original blog :-)

Friday, July 03, 2009

Why am I staying alone?

Most of the times, my friends ask me, "how are you managing to stay alone?? aren't you bored..? don't you feel lonely?".. It is not that I want to stay alone. But it just happened so..

It is true that I feel lonely sometimes.. But at the same time, it helps me to do whatever I want to do.. To read without any disturbances.. To watch the movie or TV show of my taste.. To think.. To self-introspect.. To blog.. To hear music whenever I want to.. To switch it off if i don't want.. It just that it gives me lots of freedom..

In short, I can be 'just me' when I stay alone.. Nothing more.. Nothing less.. 'Just Me'.. I feel that sometimes such privacy is really required. It is true that staying with nice friends who matches your pulse gives you lots of joy and happiness. I do have such friends but they are not near me. In those circumstances, it is better to stay alone and enjoy the freedom rather than staying with persons who might just mess your life, isn't it? :-)