Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thoughts of the moment..!! [2]

A quarrel, following a conflicts in argument, is when a real relationship begins between two persons.. :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thoughts of the moment..!!

Love multiplies when expectation stops and focus on giving starts..!!


BUT, I just have to warn you that, at the end if the other person hurts you in such case, you will be broken into pieces and there will be no coming back.. You will just be destroyed!!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Has been a while..

Yes, it has been a while since I posted something here.. It wasn't intentional but happened so. Sometimes you tend to isolate yourself from rest of the world. May be because, you wanna find out yourself from the miserable state you are in, so that you can raise once again.

So, does this mean I have found myself from the lost world..? No.. Not yet.. In fact, I doubt whether I would. But nevertheless, I just felt that its time to open up.. At least shout at the corner of the universe where no one will hear them. Its a way to express the feelings.

One of the things I have learnt these days is that nobody in this world is as good as you are to give importance and respect to your feelings. Lots of learnings but at the cost of losing everything! Everyone says that "feel happy that life teaches you something, it is the way it is!". Hell!! Who wants these learnings..? I wasn't interested. Never will be!!

One of my best friends keeps on telling me that I have been complaining so much about life. If I ask him, "these days..?", he replies, "almost all the time". What can I say..? Fortunately or unfortunately, my posts expresses more emotional feelings towards life. It wasn't intentional. It just happened so. Perhaps that is the way I'm. Expressing emotion doesn't really mean that I complain. Perhaps its one of the ways that a soul try to get rid off those feelings. Whether the attempt is successful or not, thats a completely different story..

Most of the times, I wish certain things said and done gets unnoticed. It is just shouting in the wind.. I always feel that blogs are one of the best ways to do that..

Well.. There is, in deed, a lot to say..!! Not now.. Don't know when.. But now, I just felt like saying, "hello.." to those faces that I haven't seen in a while.. Hence the post..!!! So how have you been..?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Why don't they do something about it..?

Fear and worry are the worst enemies.. But even after knowing it, you tend to afraid and worry about something when you come to know that it is out of your hand to control. At least in those cases it is acceptable because your fears and worries come out of the thoughts that you couldn't do anything about the situation..

But some people still worry about few things even though they know that they can do something about it.. They knew that they can change things if they take effort. But they don't do it. I don't know why.. I pity them..

When you know that there is something to worry about, don't you think that you gotta take some steps to bring the situation that can keep you comfortable (if not corrected, at least to have a feeling that you are on top of it to handle)??? God, why do people just sit and worry without doing something about it..? I pity them.. I really do..

Sunday, October 03, 2010

An innocent and an ass..

"Daddy, what is ass..?"

I was shocked when my three year old son asked me that question innocently. 'who the hell taught him that word?', I thought inside.

"Ah.. ass is an animal.. may be.. ah.. you can think it as kind of another variant of horse.. I will show you the picture sometime..", I thought I managed the question. But he continued.

"So.. mom has that animal? she never showed me..", childish words came out of his mouth..

"Mom..? no.. she doesn't have that animal.. why do you think mommy has one?"

"Because you told mom that 'i will kick your ass'. how can you kick mom's ass if she doesn't have one..?", he asked innocently.

"What..? oh.. uff.. you heard what i said?"

"Ya.. why do you want to kick that poor animal anyway..? isn't she pitiful?", he went on asking. I was speechless..

[Just to mention, it is written based on my imagination, not a real happening :-)]

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Good or good looking..?

We were sitting on the park bench.. Her cell phone started giving some beep.. She.. My girl friend.. It was an SMS that one of her friends had sent.. She read it and then turned my side with a smile..

"What..? What is it about..?", I got curious..

She smiled again and showed it to me. The SMS read:

Tragedies of boys life:

1. Good girls are not good looking..
2. Good looking girls are not good..
3. Good looking, good girls are not single..
4. Good looking, good girls who are yet single have strong brothers..

After finished reading it, I chuckled and gave her mobile back..

She looked into my eyes with a smile and asked, "true, ah??".

I laughed little loud and said, "yeah.. i think so..!".

"So, I'm not good looking, is it?", she asked. Her face turned little serious.

"No.. no.. no.. noooo.. You are beautiful", when the words came out of my lips, i started sensing whats going on. But my statement doesn't seem to have made her happy.

"oh..!", she paused for a second and then continued, "so then, i'm not a good girl, ah?", she looked straight into my eyes.

'God!!', i whispered to myself..

"No dear! I didn't say like that.. You are a verrry good and a nice person.. You knew it", i said aloud..

"But just now you said, that SMS is true.. That is, good looking girls are not good and good girls are not good looking"

"No no.. there were other statements also right..", she didn't let me finish.

"What other statements..? Obviously I'm not a married girl, so that rules out the third statement.. and I don't have any brother.. So, i fit into any of the first two only right?"

"But honey..", again she cut me off in the middle..

"You say that I'm good looking and you also say that I'm a good girl.. One or the other is a lie and I want to know which one it is.."

'uffffff', I sighed. I was racing inside my mind.. 'what to say.. what to say.. quick.. quick.. aaaahhhhhhhh.. what to say.. what to..'

"Honey, listen.. listen..!! You fit into the third category.. 'not single' need not mean that you are married.. it can also mean that you are committed.. like.. you are committed to me.. you are beautiful.. you are very good.. but you are committed to me and that makes you 'not single'.. right?", I was desperate to see her reaction.. and, 'yessss..', a smile started glowing on her lips..

I continued, "see.. a gorgeous.. good girl.. committed to me.. how lucky i'm..!!", she blushed and smiled..

I didn't want her to think over my answer.. "Come on.. let me give you a hug..", I grabbed her and whispered at her ears, "ok.. tel me.. who sent you that SMS to you?" ['I wanna kick his a**', i said it to myself..]

She pushed me, "wait..", her eyebrows gone up.. She was thinking, "oh.. no.. not again!!", i said it to myself..

[Just to mention, it is written based on my imagination, not a real happening :-)]

Friday, October 01, 2010

Why is it so complicated..?

"Why is it so hard to talk to someone for the first time..?"

"Because we try to make it easy..!!"

[From the movie 'Ordinary People']

Very true.. Isn't it? Most of the times the struggle we face is due to the fact that we don't wanna go with our own flow.. We don't want to stick to the natural way of doing things.. Many a times, things get tough because we try to make it what it is not.

The complication begins when we wanna make it easier than how it actually is.. We know that going with natural flow is the best way to deal with anything, but even then we wanna try something different.. something new.. hoping that it could get us some better results in more easy ways.. but BANG!!!! mostly it results in we learning the same lesson, 'go with the flow' :D

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Certain things are difficult to handle..

Days have been very dull.. Certain things in life are difficult to handle irrespective of how much ever maturity you have. Especially those things for which you never thought of any backup plans.. Because you were so sure that everything will be alright and you don't need any backup plans. But you never know what kind of surprises life has for you!!

Sometimes whether you like it or not, you are forced to live with what life offers.. It doesn't matter how bad you might feel about it. It looks like certain things wont change. They happen as they are designed to happen.. Sentiments or feelings won't be considered there..

You either live with what you get or just get out.. But unfortunately getting out couldn't be an option most of the times because it isn't just about you.. It is about lot more souls than just you!! So you strive hard to proceed further.. But damn it, this isn't what I want :-( and I don't want to move further without what I want because certain things in life are extremely difficult to handle irrespective of how much ever maturity you have (repeated statements ah?? yes, i know and I mean it!!)..

Monday, August 30, 2010

So, say it.. Express it..

One of the things I have noticed in most of the relationship is the enthusiasm that was showed at the beginning slowly gets lost when the time passes on. The expression of love, affection, bonding, appreciation during the start of the relationship doesn't seem to continue once the relationship is settled..

May be because people think that 'anyway (s)he knows that I love him/her, so what is there to express again and again'.. But the fact is, people might be bored of repeated talk about something else but they will never be bored to hear or feel repeatedly how much someone loves them.. People are dying for it..

Everyone always look for love and affection to be shown and expressed in lots of different ways.. No matter how old they are.. No matter how old the relationship is.. The need to feel love and care never disappears..

Don't think that things will be understood implicitly when the relationship gets matured.. There are certain things that people explicitly want to hear.. Don't wait for some chance to express your love, care, affection towards your loved ones..

So, say it.. Express it.. Everybody needs it.. All the time!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blowin' In The Wind (by Bob Dylan)..

Just thought I would write about the song that I liked very much recently..

The lyrics were so good.. You can find the lyrics below (may be you might also like it).. Just to mention, these are not mine :-D

Song: Blowin' In The Wind
Writer: Bob Dylan

How many roads most a man walk down
before you can call him a man?
How many seas must a white dove sail
before she sleeps in the sand?
Yes, and how many times must the cannon balls fly
before they're forever banned?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind..
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

How many years can a moutain exist
before it's washed to the sea?
How many years can some people exist
before they'are allowed to be free?
yes, and how many times can a man turn his head
pretending he just doesn't see?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind..
The answer is blowin' in the wind..

How many times must a man look up
before he can see the sky?
How many ears must one man have
before he can hear people cry?
Yes, and how many deaths will it take till he knows
that so many people have died?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind..
The answer is blowin' in the wind..

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Uuuuffff!! [sigh]

I, like lots of my other friends, have been keep asking to myself, "why am I being so negative these days..?". Though the the heart knows the answer, my mind says "I don't know".. I'm so pissed off with lots of things happening around me.. More than that, people around me also pissing me off!! The frustration goes real high these days.

When I see a crowd, it threatening me a lot.. It is very difficult to smile and have a casual talk with people when you are totally upset inside and your mind is bothered about something.. Man.. life sucks!! I'm telling you.. Life really sucks!! How long would you hold yourself up and act like you are able to handle the toughest times!! How long can you pretend like you are still a single piece of human when you are completely broken inside..!! It so real hard..

Well.. Guys, don't come and ask me 'why.. what happened.. are you alright.. blah blah..' after reading this post. If you read this post, just keep it within yourself.. I'm neither expecting any comments nor willing to get involved in discussion about the same.. [ God!! how rude I'm!! ] That said, I really wish this post gets unnoticed..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thought provoking.. [2]

"Someone, who cannot accept you at your WORST, has no rights to be with you at your BEST.."

Very thought provoking, isn't it? Thats what I thought when I read this line in one of the forward SMS that I got recently.

One of the things I have always experienced in my life is, when you are travelling through dark side of your life, there would be very few who stays with you. However during your good times, a crowd will always be around you.

Two things are likely to happen during your worst times:

  • you isolate yourself from the outside world because you feel dejected, low in spirit, depressed and want to be alone until you pass through the painful times.
  • you are isolated by others because you are not happy enough to be with.

The former is more pitiful. The latter is more painful. Especially if others give up on you when you are desperately in need of some support, it is difficult to take it. It hurts a lot. If someone doesn't want to be with you when you are going through difficult times and facing painful survival, they don't have any rights to be with you during your good times. If someone cannot accept you as the way you are, they don't have any rights to be with you when you exhibit behaviors that they like.

Rest I leave it to you to think of your own.. :-)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Good guy to bad guy!!

People feel very happy if you give them everything as "ya, take it". The moment you say, "no, its not yours, please keep it down", they are unhappy. Not just unhappy but they get angry and they want to take revenge that you didn't give them. It doesn't matter to them as to whom something belongs to. It doesn't matter to them as what kind of situation the other person is in. It doesn't matter to them whether or not what they ask for is needed by other person. It doesn't matter to them that they are asking for too much. What matter to them is whether or not they can have it.

They praise you as a nice person, if you are generous enough to say "yes" to all of their demands all the times. The moment they hear a "no" from you, you become the bad guy. All of the sudden you become selfish. My God!! What kind of people are they..??

All they think is, 'what are all yours, is ours and what are all mine is mine'. They want to own something that belongs to us. They want to get paid for our work. They want to take credit for what we do. They don't even feel like asking permission as whether or not to use something that belongs to us. They take our softness for granted. They think that they are smart [or probably they think we are fools]. What the heck!!

Well.. Lets say, "no". If it will be perceived as rude and selfish, so be it! It isn't worth to be soft and kind to those who tries to take advantage of us. Lets teach them some lesson!!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Thought provoking.. [1]

Today I received a forwarded SMS [Short Message Service]. Don't know who wrote it but I liked it very much since it provoked my thoughts..

Strange Facts:
  • There is always a little truth behind every Just Kidding..
  • There is always a little knowledge behind every I Don't Know..
  • There is always a little emotion behind every I Don't Care..
  • There is always a little love behind every I Hate You..
  • There is always a little pain behind every It's OK..
How true these words are.. Aren't they? Especially I liked the last three points. These might seem to be weird but true. I have experienced them. I have seen them in people I meet everyday.

The purpose of this post is to say, 'hear the words being said but listen to the unsaid' :-) 'Obvious' are always heard/seen but the hided emotions behind the words are missed most of the times. If you really care, pay close attention to what is not said. If you say 'I don't care', I know that there is a little emotion behind it :-)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It happens all the time..

Somehow, when the day and time passes, you get used to the feelings of disappointments and loss. It no more pinches you on the center of your heart. Though it still has left some marks, somehow your mind starts feeling that it is manageable. It no more threatens your survival that you have always worried about. You realize the fact that life still goes on. It surprises you that you are still continuing to survive. Thats good, isn't it?

Time is a good medicine. But it is difficult to be patient for time to pass. Every day looks like bunch of years. Of course, it is painful and makes you feel like dying. But then you become normal. One day or the other.

We read, we write, we hear and we say that learn from your mistakes and start implementing your learnings. In real life, all it takes is a moment to fall in the trap [again] and you are forced to learn the same lesson again and again :D It happens. It happens all the time. There is no escape.

You fall in the trap.. you get hurt.. you feel the pain.. time goes on.. you recover.. ready to rock 'n' roll.. and yes, right!! You are now on the second ride. Your realization is too late. Don't worry.. You will be alright!! Just enjoy the ride :-)

Monday, May 24, 2010


Going home (native) is good. The restlessness, frustrations, anger, sadness, disappointments, loneliness, out_of_mood thoughts everything just disappear when I see my mom and sisters. I feel relaxed. I feel lively. I feel recharged with energy. I feel good..

I was at home for the last two days. Spent complete two days just at home. I got into the house on Saturday morning from railway station and stepped out of home to catch my train back to Bangalore on Sunday evening. Two days I was inside my house. No computers.. No internet.. No outsiders.. No symptoms of noise, pollutions, traffic.. Was just enjoying my stay at home.. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is too bad.. :-(

Recently I read a news that a 30 year old lady committed suicide because of poverty and abandoned 3 of her female kids who are less than 9 years old. Now the kids have become orphan since their daddy also abandoned their family long time ago. How can a mother leave her children to suffer like this and take a decision of escaping from all the responsibilities?

Those kids were earlier suffering from hunger and now they will suffer for love and support too.. When people know that they are suffering from poverty, why are they giving birth to more than one child. Just because she knows how to escape from this cruel world, she has done it.. But what about the kids who don't even know what suicide means..

Even a dog does everything it can to continue its survival along with its puppies. Why aren't these people adamant to fight for their survival.. This is too bad.. :-(

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why are we so vulnerable..?

Why do we love them even though we know that they don't care much..?
Why are we so soft even though we know that they throw hammer at us..?
Why are we so tolerant even though we know that they deliberately make us frustrate..?
Why are we so kindhearted even though we know that they take advantage of us..?
Why are we so weak even though we know that it strengthens our enemies..?
Why are we so forgiving even though we know that it is taken for granted..?
Why are we so good-hearted even though we know that they break our heart..?
Why are we so gentle even to those who are rude to us..?
Why are we so empathetic even though they don't give much importance to our feelings..?

Why are we so vulnerable..?

Why are we not learning from the lessons that others teach us all the time by taking advantage of our soft character? While others are busy living their life, even at the cost of someone else's life by taking advantage of their vulnerability, why do we always want to make sacrifice even though we know that it doesn't worth it..? Why..?

When are we going to give importance to our feelings.. our life.. ourself..?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stop chasing..!!

If you think that there is at least someone in this world who feels happy that they have everything they wanted, you are wrong.. Possibly there could be someone who feels happy about having everything they want but it is just an ephemeral joy.. Sooner or later they would start feeling that they are missing something else and will start chasing it.

Most of human life is lived in chasing something just because they have a thought inside that they want it. Only a very short portion of live is really lived with what is at hand. They chase something.. They get it.. They don't have time to live what they have got.. And then again the chasing begins targeting something else.

People are so obsessed with the thoughts of "I should have a looooooooot" rather than "let me first live with what I have got".. The moment they get what they are looking for, immediately something else becomes more important than what they have got just now and the result is, chasing begins again!!

Stop chasing..!! Stop running behind something!! Take a breath!!! Chill out.. Look around.. There are lot to live..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You think you have judged...?

Life is pretty difficult to understand. It always says, "don't underestimate me", when you think that things are going fine and you are alright.. It becomes difficult because of the fact that you can't read others mind. It is like doing or saying something blindly without knowing what is going on the other side. You will have to understand whether it went right or wrong only after seeing the side effects. Life demands to make lots of assumptions and laughs at you for making wrong ones..

With some people, you never know what they think when you say something to them. They don't question your intentions or why you said like that.. They just become judge. They think that they have done ph.d. in law that they have the ability to judge people and their intentions. In fact, they don't judge.. They simply prejudge.. The result is ending up to just have the thoughts of "I know everything" and losing what they are supposed to have..

I'm surprised to see that some people make a stylish cinematic dialog of "you just lost me! DID YOU HEAR just lost me!!" and ready to leave without even questioning to understand whats going on. What the hell was that..? I don't understand how they get the thought of "I'm THE person in the world and you lost me..!!". What kind of attitude was that..? They don't realize one fact.. When they say "you lost me", it indirectly means that they also lose the other person. That is a pretty straight forward derivation. How could that be missed..?

Well.. Are you wondering what I am trying to say..? I'm also thinking about the same. I'm just pouring my thoughts onto paper (well.. I meant blog).. So, feel free to excuse me if it doesn't make any sense..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Walking away with a smile..!!

I'm afraid to express what I feel.. Sometimes life demands us to give a gentle smile and walk away instead of asking 'why are you doing this to me..?'!! Its all about what your mind feels like doing at those moments. It doesn't mean that you don't have the courage to ask.. You tend to walk away with a smile because you don't want others know that you are broken inside.

Sometimes you don't want to ask such question because you feel that there is no point in asking them. Asking 'why so..?' or expressing what you feel is to make others realize what they have done to you. It is to make those persons to understand how much you are affected because of that. You ask such question because you expect that they would realize that you are hurt and hug you back to give warm feeling. But you tend to think 'what is the point in expressing how much you have hurt', when you know that they are deliberately doing things without bothering too much about your feelings. How expressing going to help in those instances.

They won't feel guilty for what they have done. If they would, they wouldn't have done it. They knew that they are going to break you down. During those moments, you don't feel like asking, 'why are you doing this to me..?'. All you feel is to have a gentle smile on your face, stretch your eye lids to hide your tears, simply walk away.. You don't want to let them know that they had(have) been your weakness..!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trust - In my opinion..

I don't understand why people afraid to ask question thinking that the other person might feel bad because trust on them is questioned.. How can asking question mean 'distrust'ing someone.. Trust doesn't mean that you should not question on what someone (whom you trust) does/says/suggests even though you have no idea of why they do/say/suggest. Well, its just my opinion.. Trust never means blindness. If you don't understand, you can very well ask for clarification.

I feel that trust is about the intention of the person. If you trust someone, it just means that you believe their intention. You believe that they will try their best to do things that wont affect you. You believe that they don't harm you intentionally. Trust never means that you shouldn't be asking clarifications on what they do or what they say or what they suggest if you don't understand. It never means that you simply have to follow what they tell you. When you don't understand or don't have clue of what it is all about, there is nothing wrong in asking the question of, 'why is it so..?' or 'what does this mean..?' etc..

If you accept or follow what the other person says without completely understanding what it is all about, I personally term it as 'blindness'.. It ain't trust. Trust makes you feel comfortable to ask for clarifications when you don't understand. It gives you the comfortability to ask right question. If you are wondering, 'well.. I can very well question someone whom I don't trust as well, then whats the difference..?' The point is, when you trust someone, you believe that their intention is good. You believe that their reply for your question will convince you in the positive way. That is what trust is all about. It never means 'not to question'.. It just means that 'not to question the intention'..

Just because you trust somebody, doesn't mean that they might not have overlooked something. Though their intention is good, they might have very well overlooked something because they are also human beings. When you discuss and try to understand things, probably you can find out what they are missing, though they didn't miss it intentionally. If a person is trust worthy, he/she never feels bad to explain you about why they do it. They will definitely consider the points you are bringing. Because their intention is good. I don't think that, just because you trust somebody you can just follow their instruction to sail your boat without questioning which might unknowingly take you to a water falls..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"It's OK, Dear!" never means "you can do it again"!!

Sometimes an easy forgiveness allows people to do the same mistake again and again.. May be because it gives a feeling that "anyway I will be excused, so why to worry..!" I tend to think that if someone gets an excuse easily even before they really feel guilty about what they have done or said, it seems that there is no way that they are going to correct themselves. Probably because the situation is easily handled for them and they are not given a chance to sit_and_think about what they have done and why they shouldn't be repeating it again.

When there are people who take even an excuse (by excuse, I mean both forgiveness and exceptional 'its ok' for what they have done/said), which they get after a lots of effort, as take it for granted; it doesn't surprise to say that people might treat an easy excuse as a cakewalk most of the times. I believe people correct themselves only when they internally realize what they have done/said and really feel for it.

I think that sometimes tolerating or forgiving someone's _not_so_nice_action_ is resulting in them not to realize how it affects/hurts someone else's feelings. Soft spoken words of "its ok, dear" with a gentle smile never means that you are allowed to repeat it again. It never means that it is any less pain or suffering for someone. It just means that sometimes the other person doesn't want you to know how much wrong you are, just for the fact that you shouldn't feel guilty about what you have done/said. It is simply because they care for you. But that doesn't mean that you can do/say the same thing again and say "i'm so sorry.. i didn't mean it this time too..' with an innocent smile!!

Remember that you are innocent only the first time. Next time, you pretty much know what you are doing/saying.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Love people as the way they are..

It isn't easy to accept people as the way they are.. Its easy when said in quotes.. When given advise.. But in reality, it isn't easy to follow.. Human brains are designed to accept anything by comparison. Except if it is new and hot [by hot, i didn't mean sexy ;-) It is just a phrase I'm using to mean recent :D].. But then, human brains are also given capability to mature by reasoning and understanding explanations.. and hence this post :)

Often what bothers our mind is not the behavior, character, skill or personality of the other person.. It is the result of comparison. Our mind knowingly or unknowingly starts to compare anything that it reads, sees, feels, visualizes or experiences with similar thing in the past. Thats what creates problem in the present moments and eventually ruins the future.

Accepting the fact that people are different, each have their own uniqueness, own way to express, own way to do things etc can somewhat help the mind to adjust with others. Love people as the way they are. If their 'as the way' isn't matching your frequency, don't hate them for that. Just move on.. World is so big.. If you move on, you can see there are a lot to experience and love.. Don't waste your time on bothering yourself too much about someone else's 'different' behavior.. Remember, when you feel that someone isn't in an acceptable frequency of yours, its the same feeling that the other person goes through in their mind. The way your eyes see them is the same way how their eyes see you..

"If you start judging people, you will have no time to love them", is a quote by Mother Theresa. One of my all time favorite quotes. So often we spend too much time within ourself thinking about stuff that we don't like (in other words, feel different) in others. Be it a character, behavior, personality, imperfection or what so ever.. Most of the times our eyes are focused on the small little black dot on the big white paper.. We forget the fact that there is so much white to concentrate on.. But we focus on the tiny dot.. If you feel that someone is not very perfect in something and if that bothers you, then you should understand the fact that the other person is bothered by you being perfect.. Because in their world, being not_so_perfect is the way to live.. It is just that some people prefers the color black than white..

There is nothing wrong or right. Everything is what we decide.. It all depends on how one feels about it. What is said to be a crime in one country has been approved by the government in another. It is the way it is. There could be 'I could accept..' or 'I couldn't accept..'! But what you 'don't accept' or 'can't accept' never means that it is wrong.

If you feel that there is so much differences that you are unable to get along with, then move on with your own choices. There is no point in hating or disliking someone just because they are different than your expectation. At the same time, in a different perspective, understand the fact that most of the times opposite poles only attract each other. Two things designed in an opposite way is what fits well together. Difference is what attracts. If you start viewing the differences as something new to explore and experience, then it becomes interesting. Develop the curiosity to accept and understand the differences.. Thats why God has created males and females.. Of course, there are gays and lesbians which clearly indicates that there are people who prefer similarities over differences.. Can't help it.. [OK Guys..!! I'm just using it as a contextual example.. Don't think otherwise ;-) ].. If you can't stand the differences, move on.. Thats OK!!

So the summary is, if you are not comfortable with one's character, personalities or whatsoever, learn to move on instead of disliking or hating them.. Don't discourage them for being so. Don't let them feel bad about it.. don't hurt their feelings. realize the fact that they might also have similar feelings as you.. But at the same time, as much as possible, accept people as they are.. Life is enjoyable only when you start seeing the beauties as the way they are [God!! Don't think wrong again.. It is just a poetic way to say that 'accept people as they are'].. Cheers!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A relationship without expectation..? Naah!!

'Lets not expect anything from each other.. lets just be friends who don't expect anything.. so that we will not end up in hard-feelings..", whenever someone says like that, I tend to say, "Bullshit!!"..

Where is relationship without expectation. The level of expectation could be more or less. But it will always be there. Relationships are formed by expectations. An expectation for a smile.. for a happy word.. for courtesy.. for sharing.. for helping.. for consoling.. for being there.. for watching over.. for caring.. for loving.. for friendliness.. and what not.. If someone says that I don't have any expectation, then he/she is back to square one, stranger!!

I think that expectations never hurt.. I tend to say that not having the maturity level to understand the situations or other's mentality hurts. Probably thats the reason why people get hurt. If something what they expect is not fulfilled by the other person, and if they fail to understand why they couldn't do so, is what the cause for hurt. Not the expectation. Or possibly if that is the character of that 'other' person not to fulfill any of the expectations from you, then you are probably in the wrong relationship. It just isn't working out.

Trust me.. You cannot change your expectation, I believe. You can hide it. You can control your disappointment.. You can control not to express the feelings of being hurt.. You can even control the anger.. but the fact is, they will take a different form and eventually come out.. Thats Newton's third law, I guess ;-)

Talking or discussing about things that disappoint you can somehow help in the relationship. If the disappointments are because of situations, you can trust that the situations will change one day or the other. For sure, you can control, wait.. But if you are ending up getting hurt because of the other person's character, well.. that is something to consider.. Because that could mean that you might have to go through it for the rest of your life.. But at the same time, developing the mentality and maturity to see the other person's situations from their own eyes can help yourself not to get hurt too much. That is something very important in life, I believe..

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sometimes change is good..

Sometimes change is desired not because you want to try new stuff.. but because you want to get rid of few things that bother your mind.. In those situations, even those who don't like changes still prefer one because the pain of change is better than a living hell.. They want a closure. They want to feel better.

Sometimes such change happens in the flow without much of the efforts from the individual. But most of the times, it is the individual who has to take effort to bring closure to those that bothers them. There is no point in hanging around something that keeps on generating pain inside your heart. Accepting the fact that things will never be the same all the time, can help to make effort for a new change.. To get into a new environment where you can start things fresh.

Sometimes change is good. It helps to move on in life. It helps to realize the fact that your survival continues when you thought that you are just going to die. It helps you to understand the fact that there are lot more to life than what you thought.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

About women's day.. (to girls)

Equivalent to boys.. Achievements in all fields.. Excellence in studies.. Holding big titles.. responsibilities.. you could wonder, "why do we still need a dedicated one day celebration as women's day.." when you have also marked your success in this competitive world..

The sufferings, taking the extra burden, brave attempts to prove that you can also do something, the struggle to come out to let the world know that you are equal in all aspects.. Aren't all of those done to change the world from 'one day for us' to 'all the days are ours'..?

So now you have proved everything.. Why still need the exclusive day for celebration as women's day.. The answer could be, even though you reached heights, the first brave step would still be remembered, wouldn't it..?

In one aspect, for all the girls who have achieved and who are on the way to their achievements, this could be a day to think over their achievements, their brave attempts to get over the struggles and to appreciate each other for their accomplishments. In this fast paced world, you sometimes forget to sit and chew the path you walked through, to appreciate yourself for all the courage and hard work you have put to reach the heights.. Let this be a day for yourself to appreciate your efforts..

But at the same time, there are still girls who haven't even come out.. who don't even know that they have rights to come out.. who needs guidance.. who needs motivation to get the courage.. who doesn't know that they also can achieve.. they don't know that they have equal rights in all aspects.. So in a different perspective, let this be a day where you identify those girls who are in need of help, encouragement and guidance.. Inspire them.. talk to them.. let them know that there is a way out.. let them know that they can also reach heights.. show them the path for light.. when you encourage them, they will get the real motivation.. when they see that there are other girls who achieve, they also get the motivation to achieve.. they need some guidance.. they need some motivation to get the courage.. So as a woman, you have the responsibility to help such fellow-woman who are in need of help..

So let this be a day not only for gathering or celebration but also to think about your own achievements, appreciate each other's accomplishments and more importantly try to make some efforts to help, guide and motivate those girls who are still on their dark side of life.. Happy women's day to all girls.. My appreciation and wishes for all the achievements you have done so far, for all the efforts you have been making and for the big things you are going to do in future..

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Some incident testing my honesty :)

It was 8 p.m. when I reached home. I was feeling very hungry.. 'May be because I didn't have snacks in the evening', I thought. Recently a new restaurant had been opened near the place where I live. They had highlighted Briyani as their special dish. I was looking for a right day to try it and I thought 'today would be the best day to try' since I was feeling very hungry.

Thoughtful seating arrangements, colorful decorations, nice music.. the environment was very good.. the menu had limited items.. 'may be they want to concentrate on quality of the items than the quantity', i thought inside. One guy came to take the order. He was very polite. Did I mention 'very'.. yes.. he was very polite.. and waited for my order.. I glanced through the items and said, "gimme egg Briyani.. hmm and a chicken curry". He noted down what I said and was about to leave.

"ah hmmmm.. wait a minute..", I stopped him. Thought for a while and said, "make it chicken 65.. not chicken curry.."

He corrected the order. He tried to repeat the order, "one plate chicken 65 and a chicken Briyani..' and watched my expression.

I smiled and said, "no.. chicken 65 and egg Briyani.."

He gave a kind of expression that said, 'oops..' and then went inside. He then served water in a stylish glass.. It was mineral water.. 'nice..', I said to myself.

The food came. I took a bite on 65ed chicken [I was trying to sound like 'fried' chicken, 'grilled' chicken etc.. excuse me for my english :D], it tasted good. I tried the Briyani.. The taste was again good. Finally some good restaurant nearby.. I felt good.

The bill arrived. It was mentioned as "Briyani rice and chicken 65" and the total amount mentioned was Rs. 10 lesser than what it was supposed to be since I ordered Egg Briyani, which was Rs. 10 more than the Briyani rice. First I felt happy that "wow.. they have missed Rs. 10.." But that was just for few seconds, then immediately my inner sense woke up and said to me, "dude.. be honest.. tell them that they wrongly billed.."

I was about to say it, but then my other part of the mind said, "wait.. if you tell that the items were wrong in the bill, he (the guy who took the order and brought the bill) is surely going to get screwed by his boss.. and his boss might not trust him anymore for sure". 'He might even lose his job for this kind of carelessness..', I thought.

Now, I'm confused!

"Do I want to save this guy or want to be honest..?", I asked myself. 'If I try to save this guy, it would probably mean that I'm allowing him to do this mistake again..', I thought.. I don't know what to do now..

I thought for a while.. and then, "ah.. hell with them! I save 10 rupees..", I thought.. :D 'anyway these guys charge so much for food.. they losing 10 rupees is OK..' :P

I added half of that amount (Rs. 5) to the tip.. '50-50', I thought.. and I left..

OK.. Don't look at me like that.. I'm a good person only :D I just wanted to save that guy, honestly..

But after reaching home, I thought that I should have told him privately that he wrongly billed and I didn't tell just because he might end up in trouble. I should have also advised him not to be careless again.

And for my honesty, I will add that 10 rupees to my charity fund and give it to some needy person. Trust me, I will do that :-)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aren't we better than lots of other people..?

Sometimes back I got a forward SMS from one of my friends that read "We always feel that life of others is better than us.. but we forget that we are also 'OTHERS' to someone else..!"

How true is that statement.. Isn't it? I see so many people complain about their life. They complain that they don't have shoes while there are people who don't have feets. They complain they don't have good goggles to wear while there are people who don't have the vision to see the world. And the list goes on and on.

Dreaming big isn't a wrong thing. Taking effort to better your life, life style, status, luxury or whatsoever isn't a wrong thing. Taking effort to better ourself emotionally, personally, financially and in all aspects should be there. But at the same time, are we appreciating what we have got right now with us, which are even beyond imagination for someone else. Are we thankful for the life that we have been offered..? I think it requires deep thinking to answer that question. Shouldn't the efforts for betterment be on top of gratitude of what we have got so far instead of the complains?

Lets think about it..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Prepare for the unexpected..

Life isn't always easy.. Smooth sailing isn't always possible.. Just because things have been good doesn't mean that it will continue to be the same for the rest of your life. It is important to understand this and be prepared to handle the tough time. Of course, you shouldn't be missing the joy and happiness of the present moments, especially when things are going in the right direction. But getting ourself prepared to face the varying rhythms of life becomes important to keep ourself moving ahead irrespective of the situations we face.

It works the other way as well. Just because you are going through bad time doesn't mean that your rest of the life is going to be a hell. The climate change, the wind changes its directions, it rains when you don't expect, it becomes cold, it becomes hot.. so as the life.. Expecting the unexpected can help to handle the 'ups and downs' of the life easily.. It also gives more joy when things happen in the right way and reduces the stress when things don't go well since you have 'kind of' expected it..

I always see that people get upset when things suddenly change [including 'me' sometimes]. They get into a horrible state of stress and unable to handle the truth that things aren't the same as what it was few seconds back. They are not prepared. Handling the brighter side of life is always easy. Because when things go well, you automatically be filled with lots of energy, so moving ahead isn't that difficult.

Problem comes when things change in the negative direction. Especially when you haven't expected and not yet prepared for the change. It is always good to have a backup plan as 'what if it doesn't go well..?' But thinking of 'what if' shouldn't be ruining your present moments and eventually force things to go wrong :-D So enjoy the present moments. At the same time, prepare yourself to handle the truth that 'life becomes tough at times'..

More importantly, develop the attitude of concentrating on 'what to do' when tough time comes.. Worrying isn't going to change anything. Fight the hard times. Think what you need to do to bring the things back to normal.. Be flexible to change your plans when things are not going in the way you expect, yet getting to the place where you want to be. Always get to know the multiple routes to the same destination. If one route doesn't work out, try different routes. Have different plans for life. Face and handle the change in the situation.. Of course, you cannot change the destination, but you can change the route according to the situation and still reach your destination..

Remember that life is what we make it.. what we choose to do.. it is absolutely based on the decisions we make. We can choose to fight back the situations or we can choose to get killed by the situations.. Every second of the life demands you to make decision based on the situations.. Always take the decision that favors you, which gets you what you want, which helps you to move further towards your ultimate goal and destiny :)

Come! Lets live the life!! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Discuss your (miss)understandings..

How much ever you try avoiding, misunderstanding happens all the times.. Sometimes it is even worse that the person who misunderstands don't even want to discuss about it. They want to chew their thoughts based on their own assumptions, judgments and based on what they saw, heard, read, or understood. They don't even think in the aspects of "can't there be a tiny possibility of my understanding of what I saw or heard could be different than the other person's intention".

Most of the relationships break only because of misunderstandings. The problem comes when someone isn't open to talk/discuss about what is bothering them and not taking effort to discuss their understanding through open talks. When certain things, especially the ones that bother the inner mind, are not discussed openly, they eventually result in frustration and one day there is going to be a big blast and thats when everything will break..

In some other cases, even if they are ready to discuss it, they keep their mind rigid thinking that what they assume or judge is correct. If the mind is not flexible enough to consider the other person's point of view, there is no point in discussing about it. It is as good as not discussing and eventually it is not going to help.

We might very well be right and what we have understood might be correct, but keeping the mind open and flexible to consider other's thoughts and their side of assumptions and intentions can only help to bring the understandings back to the right track.

During the discussions, it is important to have the attitude of 'I want to workout this relationship..', rather than having the thoughts of 'I'm right and you are wrong'. Most of the times compromises, forgiving, flexibility to understand and consider other's situations are really important to keep the relationship going.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Busy Bee..

Life is going really busy these days. Not finding enough time to sleep. It happens especially when I be lazy for some period and spend my time luxuriously. So now, I have to chase up with those stuff that I postponed and yet do whatever I'm supposed to be doing now. When the backlog increases, it makes life little tougher yet interesting :) May be, I'm a kind of guy who enjoys life when it goes really busy. May be that is one of the reasons why I be lazy for sometime, so that my backlog can increase in multi fold, so that I get enough stuff to keep me busy.. [see, what a kind of excuse I'm giving to myself :D]

Work is keeping me busy on one side, while my personal life still demands much of my time. Especially after resuming the activity [they call it habit, but i'm yet to put enough effort to make it a habit :D] of reading, life becomes very busy. One way it is good. It makes me not to think too much about certain stuff that I normally worry about.

Talking to friends, emailing/chatting with them has increased a bit nowadays. It gives me a good feeling. Planning to go out this weekend for photography. Lets see how it goes. So, how are things your side...?

Reading Ponniyin Selvan

It would have been almost four years since I bought the complete series of Ponniyin Selvan.. I have heard very good reviews about that book, so I thought I would buy it and read it sometime. But I never got time to read it. Just two days back, I thought why not to start reading it slowly. I haven't even completed first book yet (5 books complete the whole story) but I'm amazed by the way the story has been told. Kalki (the author of Ponniyin Selvan) is really a great novelist, I thought.

There are lots of characters, however Kalki managed to write the story such that it doesn't bore. It provokes the interest of the reader and makes them not to keep the book down without completing it. He is really a good story teller. So far I have read almost 23 chapters and I've hardly saw few words repeating. I was wondering how much this guy rich in Tamil literature and Tamil words. His narration is too good. Each and every page is fast paced and very interesting. More importantly, as I mentioned above, I'm impressed by the Tamil words the author used in the novels and his Tamil literature knowledge.

Really loving the book. I'm so very eager to complete the whole series in one shot, but I'm unable to find time for this since I have other priorities. So I decided to read it few chapters everyday, so that eventually I can complete this historically famous novel.

If you like reading Tamil books, I suggest you to read Ponniyin Selvan and I'm sure you wont regret the time you spent on that. :-)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He switched off his phone because I was busy.. :D

My phone rang when I was busy washing my clothes. I quickly went and saw who was calling. It was one of my friends.. 'Let me call him back after few mins..', I thought. So I decided not to pick up the phone and went back to continue washing my clothes.

After few minutes, I called him back.. I heard a sweet lady voice instead of my friend's. She said, 'The number you are trying to call is presently switched off. To leave a voice message press '*' followed by the ten digit mobile number...', I didn't want to hear further. I hung up the phone.

After an hour or so, he called me again. This time I didn't want to miss his call, so I picked up and said, "hiiiiii.. whatz up dude..!".

Instead of telling 'hi', he started complaining me as I don't pick up the phone when he calls. I smiled and said, "Dude.. I was busy doing something else, so I thought I would call you back after few minutes but you switched off the phone..".

I continued to ask him, "why did you switch the phone off..". I knew he wasn't at roaming either for him to switch it off to avoid unnecessary calls.

"I called you, you were busy, so I switched off my phone..", he replied. He might have tried to say something else. And yes, he was continuing to say something else.

I started laughing.

"You switched off the phone because I'm busy..?", I laughed out again.

"******.. first let me complete..", he said louder. That ****** is a bad word he used. And thats his usual way of talking. Then he tried to continue explain me again. But I cut him off again and told,

"You switched off because I'm busy ah..?",  I started laughing again.

"******.. ******.. ******.. ", he started scolding me in bad words. He must have got pissed off.. But who cares, I was laughing! He hung up the phone. I know he would call me back and yes he did..

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

An old pal's call after several years..

I was hurrying to office and thats when my mobile phone started ringing. I looked at the display of the phone to know who was calling but only the numbers were displayed on the phone. So it is someone new, I thought. Or perhaps a old pal. I picked up the phone and said, "hello..!"

"Is this Paul..?", a male voice on the other side inquired.

"Yes.. It is..", I was quickly searching my memory cells to see whether I am finding a match for the voice I'm hearing.

"Do you know someone named Ashok..?", he asked.

"I know lots of Ashok..? Which Ashok are you talking about?", I said. I really know lots of Ashok. I was really puzzled of the voice I was hearing. I couldn't make out who it was.

"Ashok.. A friend of your friend Karthick.. Karthick from Trichy", he started giving me clues.

Well.. Honestly I knew lots of Karthick's too.. That too lots of Karthick from Trichy. I said, "well.. I know lots of Karthicks from Trichy too. I am really sorry for not able to recognize you.. Could you give me little more details..?', I asked. At the same time, I was thinking very fast to see whether the Karthicks I know in Trichy has any link with anyone named Ashok. But I couldn't think of anyone.

"Ada paavi.. avlo periya aalaayitiyaa..? Karthick-a kooda maranthitiya..?", he immediately switched to Tamil. [ "oh.. You have become that big guy ah.. you even forgot Karthick.." ]

Now I got a match in my memory cells for the voice that has similar flow of Tamil.. I immediately asked, "Is it Ashraf..?"

"Then who else am I talking about.. I have been telling that it is Ashraf. Honestly tell me, how many Ashraf's do you know.. you bugger!!", he got into local Tamil slag.

"Sorry buddy, there had been a confusion. Whenever you were pronouncing Ashraf, I was hearing it as Ashok. Thats why.. I know only one Ashraf dude.. you knew it..", I said. I was happy to hear his voice. We talked for a while then.

It had been more than three and half years since we talked over phone. I knew him through one of my close friends at school, named Karthick. He is Karthick's college mate. But when Karthick introduced him to me, we became good friends.. I even go to their house when I stayed in Chennai. It was more than 3 years back. Then I came to Bangalore and he went to Singapore. After that there were not much contact.

I felt happy about talking to him after a long time. I like that guy since he have been one of my good friends around. He said, "I'm in Bangalore now for some transition phase of my project and will be here for another week time, can we meet sometime tomorrow..?". I said, "yeah.. why not.. I will meet you at your hotel tomorrow evening.."

There are still lots of my good friends with whom I'm not in contact with. It is not that I don't take effort to contact them. I try to contact them sometime, but somehow I lost their phone numbers. They also didn't bother to get in touch with me, it seems. I am still in search of few of my friends in Orkut and Facebook.. It makes to feel good inside when you talk to your old pal after several years..

More than all of these, I sometime scared when some of my old pals call me after several years. They will expect me to remember their voice and will puzzle me to identify who they are. If I say, "no.. I couldn't..", they will take it personally. I don't know why they do that. They will start complaining that I forgot them and I didn't even took any effort to contact them. They would think that I intentionally forgot them or intentionally telling that I don't know them. They don't realize the fact that they also didn't contact me for several years.. Then the situation will become little uncomfortable.. But Ashraf is not one such guy. He understands. I know him and thats why I felt happy talking to him after several years.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Moving on..

I don't know why (yeah, you are right, I know why), but I am surrounded by some kind of uneasiness. Certain things are moving very slow. I'm unable to make right progress that I have been expecting. Some kind of laziness or dullness has gotten into my mind and that is making me not to progress in the right pace.

I feel like I need somebody with whom I can share my feelings and what I have been going through. But no one is out there. Everyone is busy with their own world. I don't want to disturb them. Though I say like this, I'm not sure whether I'm really ready to discuss about what I'm going through with someone else.

Change is good. There is no doubt about it. But the transition is the toughest time that one can go through. But got to accept the fact that life has to be lived forward. Move on.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Realizing when not to show up..!

Sometimes it does become important just to keep up a smile on the lips and not to show up what is going on in your mind.. Smile is a very powerful weapon. That would make people wonder what you are up to.. Especially in the situations where you are little confused as what you want to do.. Especially when you are talking with someone who is trying to pull your leg (not for fun but seriously).. Especially when your mind starts to think about some drastic decision [ it could be drastic to you or to the other person ;) ]..

I somehow learnt that it is not always good to show up what is going on in your mind. Not to let your frustration, anger, disappointment, shock show up when you are talking with someone who, if they know, can make moves based on that and put you into even more deeper trouble. Sometimes it is good to do things silently. That is one of the best ways to shock the opponent. By opponent, I don't mean a warrior with weapon or pistol. I meant those people who try to take advantage of you, or try to misuse you for their own reason, or try to corner you to gain power, or try to put you into trouble and enjoy when you struggle or those who directly attacks you emotionally or through some other means (if they attack physically that is completely a different topic to discuss since that would become a crime and you can very well file a case :D)..

When people are trying to play games with you (I'm not talking about the indoor or outdoor games) to put you into trouble or try to gain advantage of you, its better not to show up your emotions until you understand the rules of the game and come up with your own strong strategic moves. You might not even want to let them know whether or not you have noticed that they are trying to corner you. Better to watch it carefully and make your moves silently and yet strong.

One day they should understand that your silence never means acceptance or fear. They should be shocked that they made their moves miscalculating what you are capable of. Work silently. Give them a BIGGGG shock one day. And thats the way how you can have your own fun.. 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why do people take advantage of me..?

These days have been terrible. And they are continuing to be terrible :-( because I was not able to say 'no..' to certain people though what they are asking for is a lot more than what I could possibly give. I'm a completely different personality at business, who knows how to say 'no' whenever it has to be said. But in personal life, I'm opposite. I always find difficulty to say 'no' to those who are around me (that 'around' doesn't include dear ones; because I never want to say 'no' to them at any cost).

Few people are taking my emotional weakness for granted and they are ready to play their game as the way they want to. Just because I'm emotionally weak and kind, lots of people are misusing it. Even during extreme situations, they simply don't understand (or not even ready to understand) my side of explanation. For them, what they want needs to be done. No matter what my situation is or what kind of mental disturbance and torture I go through. They simply take things for granted.

I'm nowadays sick of these people. How long can I be a fool who keeps on bearing extreme disturbance of those people and the advantage that they take over me. Sometimes (in fact most of the times) the only way to let my frustration out is through blogs. I'm still weak. I'm not able to get the courage to tell them directly on their face as, "what you are doing is completely unacceptable..!!"

I don't know how long this is going to continue. Probably when I'm going to repel, its going to be a blast. I'm trying to be calm and patient as much as possible but few people are testing my patience to its extreme limit. I'm unable to accept the fact that they are making use of me just because I'm unable to reject their unfair requests outright.

These days have taught me so much. But how long I'm going to keep on learning without taking action based on what I have learnt. I'm still good may be because I still don't want to tell something on their face and hurt them. But that doesn't mean that I will continue to be so.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Avatar.. nice movie!!

I was little excited about watching the movie Avatar in 3D though my inner mind was concerned about how expensive the day is going to be.. I read the reviews and comments about the movie before going. Everywhere it was said to be outstanding. That tripled my curiosity to watch that movie in 3D.

I got up late and still felt bit of sleepiness in my eyes. May be because I was watching movies through out the earlier night till 3am. We had to explore the roads of Bangalore since we didn't know the exact route to the theater. I felt if we had followed route suggested by Google maps, we could have went easily but it was good to explore the roads.. We took few turns of our own and somehow we reached the theater. It was fun..

And finally in the theater.. watching the movie.. Avatar.. in 3D.. My mind was filled with the thoughts of how costly the ticket was.. And the movie started.. Man!! mind blowing.. I was amazed.. what an imagination.. creativity.. visual effects.. awesome movie.. I felt that it was worth watching in 3D.. It just takes you to a completely different world.. and makes you to feel that you are in that world.. If you get chance (I suggest that you try to get that chance), watch the movie in 3D.. My mind is still filled with the movie scenes..

The day was good :)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

And the days are moving..

The days are dry.. A bit of sleepy mood is still there. I think the present chill climate is one of the reasons [ may be a lame reason :D ]. These days are often filled with friends visits. I didn't get much time to think about myself. Always I have been in gatherings these days.

I'm looking forward for some privacy and time for myself.. May be because I have been pretty much used to be alone.. My mind demands to be alone sometimes.. To spend some quality time with myself. To do something that I want to do. Not to have any diversions. Not to be disturbed by other's thoughts and actions. To get lost in my own world and thoughts.

Those are about my inside world. On the outer side, my friend has booked Avatar 3D show tomorrow. I wasn't much interested to go though I wanted to watch the movie. May be because I have lots of works to complete. The main reason is I don't want to spend huge money in movies. But when he asked me, it was kind of tempting.. One of the reasons could be it is 3D. "It is okay to have some entertainment..", I thought. So I said 'yes'. This might be the last movie, a probable last movie, that I might be watching in multiplex. Lets see.

And the inside world again.. Lots of random thoughts are going in my mind. Mind is always racing with lots of 'how do i do..', 'how do i do's.. Nowadays I'm getting too much frustrated for lots of things. I think I have to do something for it. One side of my mind says not to waste any time, but the other side of my mind still in the edge of laziness.

Lets see how things are going to be. Finally I'm getting some time for myself. The house is empty. But my mind is not, which is a good thing :)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lets play the game.. :)

The new year has started.. I was in vacation mood till yesterday and today somehow got back to my normal mood of work-life balance. I have to over-stretch somehow to complete the work that I was supposed to have completed for the last few days. These days are filled with lots of energy.. But no actions :D Somehow the days are passing just like that.. 'I don't want it to go like this. I have to do something.. Something useful.. Something that I can be proud of..' My mind is filled with these thoughts only..

People are asking me about my new year resolutions. I kind of don't believe to wait for new year beginning to take any new resolutions. May be it is for those who have starting trouble. For those who want some reason for a change. I believe in taking any resolutions or bringing any change or improvement "within" as and when you feel like doing. You don't have to wait for some day to bring a change within you for your own betterment.

It is better to live everyday with the conscious thought of 'what I have done today..', 'how could I have done it in a better way..', 'how can I make my day more useful for me and for others..' etc. Introspecting yourself every now and then is good. If you want to become a better person, to live a better life, to be the best among the rest, then you better introspect yourself often. Keep improving yourself.

More importantly, find out what you are best at.. And make use of it. There is no point in keep on improving without identifying what you are best at. Then you can be a jack of all trades but you wouldn't be knowing what you are master at.

Thats all my new year blabbering. Now I will let you play your game in your own style :) Play safe, play wise, play nice.. At the same time, don't miss the fun :) That is very important :)

Friday, January 01, 2010

Wishing you happiness :-)


Lets accept that whatever happened in the past is for good. Lets step into the new year hoping that whatever is going to happen will be good.. As always, the ball is in our court.. Come!! Lets see what life has to offer these new days..

..With Love