Monday, January 25, 2010

Realizing when not to show up..!

Sometimes it does become important just to keep up a smile on the lips and not to show up what is going on in your mind.. Smile is a very powerful weapon. That would make people wonder what you are up to.. Especially in the situations where you are little confused as what you want to do.. Especially when you are talking with someone who is trying to pull your leg (not for fun but seriously).. Especially when your mind starts to think about some drastic decision [ it could be drastic to you or to the other person ;) ]..

I somehow learnt that it is not always good to show up what is going on in your mind. Not to let your frustration, anger, disappointment, shock show up when you are talking with someone who, if they know, can make moves based on that and put you into even more deeper trouble. Sometimes it is good to do things silently. That is one of the best ways to shock the opponent. By opponent, I don't mean a warrior with weapon or pistol. I meant those people who try to take advantage of you, or try to misuse you for their own reason, or try to corner you to gain power, or try to put you into trouble and enjoy when you struggle or those who directly attacks you emotionally or through some other means (if they attack physically that is completely a different topic to discuss since that would become a crime and you can very well file a case :D)..

When people are trying to play games with you (I'm not talking about the indoor or outdoor games) to put you into trouble or try to gain advantage of you, its better not to show up your emotions until you understand the rules of the game and come up with your own strong strategic moves. You might not even want to let them know whether or not you have noticed that they are trying to corner you. Better to watch it carefully and make your moves silently and yet strong.

One day they should understand that your silence never means acceptance or fear. They should be shocked that they made their moves miscalculating what you are capable of. Work silently. Give them a BIGGGG shock one day. And thats the way how you can have your own fun.. 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why do people take advantage of me..?

These days have been terrible. And they are continuing to be terrible :-( because I was not able to say 'no..' to certain people though what they are asking for is a lot more than what I could possibly give. I'm a completely different personality at business, who knows how to say 'no' whenever it has to be said. But in personal life, I'm opposite. I always find difficulty to say 'no' to those who are around me (that 'around' doesn't include dear ones; because I never want to say 'no' to them at any cost).

Few people are taking my emotional weakness for granted and they are ready to play their game as the way they want to. Just because I'm emotionally weak and kind, lots of people are misusing it. Even during extreme situations, they simply don't understand (or not even ready to understand) my side of explanation. For them, what they want needs to be done. No matter what my situation is or what kind of mental disturbance and torture I go through. They simply take things for granted.

I'm nowadays sick of these people. How long can I be a fool who keeps on bearing extreme disturbance of those people and the advantage that they take over me. Sometimes (in fact most of the times) the only way to let my frustration out is through blogs. I'm still weak. I'm not able to get the courage to tell them directly on their face as, "what you are doing is completely unacceptable..!!"

I don't know how long this is going to continue. Probably when I'm going to repel, its going to be a blast. I'm trying to be calm and patient as much as possible but few people are testing my patience to its extreme limit. I'm unable to accept the fact that they are making use of me just because I'm unable to reject their unfair requests outright.

These days have taught me so much. But how long I'm going to keep on learning without taking action based on what I have learnt. I'm still good may be because I still don't want to tell something on their face and hurt them. But that doesn't mean that I will continue to be so.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Avatar.. nice movie!!

I was little excited about watching the movie Avatar in 3D though my inner mind was concerned about how expensive the day is going to be.. I read the reviews and comments about the movie before going. Everywhere it was said to be outstanding. That tripled my curiosity to watch that movie in 3D.

I got up late and still felt bit of sleepiness in my eyes. May be because I was watching movies through out the earlier night till 3am. We had to explore the roads of Bangalore since we didn't know the exact route to the theater. I felt if we had followed route suggested by Google maps, we could have went easily but it was good to explore the roads.. We took few turns of our own and somehow we reached the theater. It was fun..

And finally in the theater.. watching the movie.. Avatar.. in 3D.. My mind was filled with the thoughts of how costly the ticket was.. And the movie started.. Man!! mind blowing.. I was amazed.. what an imagination.. creativity.. visual effects.. awesome movie.. I felt that it was worth watching in 3D.. It just takes you to a completely different world.. and makes you to feel that you are in that world.. If you get chance (I suggest that you try to get that chance), watch the movie in 3D.. My mind is still filled with the movie scenes..

The day was good :)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

And the days are moving..

The days are dry.. A bit of sleepy mood is still there. I think the present chill climate is one of the reasons [ may be a lame reason :D ]. These days are often filled with friends visits. I didn't get much time to think about myself. Always I have been in gatherings these days.

I'm looking forward for some privacy and time for myself.. May be because I have been pretty much used to be alone.. My mind demands to be alone sometimes.. To spend some quality time with myself. To do something that I want to do. Not to have any diversions. Not to be disturbed by other's thoughts and actions. To get lost in my own world and thoughts.

Those are about my inside world. On the outer side, my friend has booked Avatar 3D show tomorrow. I wasn't much interested to go though I wanted to watch the movie. May be because I have lots of works to complete. The main reason is I don't want to spend huge money in movies. But when he asked me, it was kind of tempting.. One of the reasons could be it is 3D. "It is okay to have some entertainment..", I thought. So I said 'yes'. This might be the last movie, a probable last movie, that I might be watching in multiplex. Lets see.

And the inside world again.. Lots of random thoughts are going in my mind. Mind is always racing with lots of 'how do i do..', 'how do i do's.. Nowadays I'm getting too much frustrated for lots of things. I think I have to do something for it. One side of my mind says not to waste any time, but the other side of my mind still in the edge of laziness.

Lets see how things are going to be. Finally I'm getting some time for myself. The house is empty. But my mind is not, which is a good thing :)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lets play the game.. :)

The new year has started.. I was in vacation mood till yesterday and today somehow got back to my normal mood of work-life balance. I have to over-stretch somehow to complete the work that I was supposed to have completed for the last few days. These days are filled with lots of energy.. But no actions :D Somehow the days are passing just like that.. 'I don't want it to go like this. I have to do something.. Something useful.. Something that I can be proud of..' My mind is filled with these thoughts only..

People are asking me about my new year resolutions. I kind of don't believe to wait for new year beginning to take any new resolutions. May be it is for those who have starting trouble. For those who want some reason for a change. I believe in taking any resolutions or bringing any change or improvement "within" as and when you feel like doing. You don't have to wait for some day to bring a change within you for your own betterment.

It is better to live everyday with the conscious thought of 'what I have done today..', 'how could I have done it in a better way..', 'how can I make my day more useful for me and for others..' etc. Introspecting yourself every now and then is good. If you want to become a better person, to live a better life, to be the best among the rest, then you better introspect yourself often. Keep improving yourself.

More importantly, find out what you are best at.. And make use of it. There is no point in keep on improving without identifying what you are best at. Then you can be a jack of all trades but you wouldn't be knowing what you are master at.

Thats all my new year blabbering. Now I will let you play your game in your own style :) Play safe, play wise, play nice.. At the same time, don't miss the fun :) That is very important :)

Friday, January 01, 2010

Wishing you happiness :-)


Lets accept that whatever happened in the past is for good. Lets step into the new year hoping that whatever is going to happen will be good.. As always, the ball is in our court.. Come!! Lets see what life has to offer these new days..

..With Love