Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some unexpected thrills...

It was a Saturday night and I was so bored to sit at home. I called Jaibal whether he can come along with me to a movie. There is a small theater near by, so we decided to go there and watch whatever the movie that is being screened. After a while, Jaibal told me that he had asked his friends to take the tickets, so we can go on time to theater.

When we went there, I saw two of his friends waiting there at the entrance. I noticed that lots of crowd at the ticket counter since it was Saturday night. It looked like it was not just me who was bored. When we approached the door, one of his friends told to the gate-keeper (who is checking the tickets to let people inside the theater), “they are my friends only, let them in…” Then the gate-keeper allowed us inside. Neither of his friends was holding the tickets. I asked them with surprise, “where are the tickets?”. They laughed and told, “We cannot go and stand in queue to get ticket. I have given some money to the gate-keeper, that’s all”. He grinned.

Even after the movie started, I was restless. I was thinking, ‘What if the others know that we don’t have ticket. The gate-keeper got the money so he let us in, but what if they come and check the tickets now??’ I asked Jaibal, “what if they caught us without ticket?”. He smiled and told, “Just enjoy the risk, and don’t think too much of what will happen… If you are in, you are in. That’s all… Enjoy the moments like this, you won’t get such moments later!”

He was somehow right that I won’t get such moments later, because I won’t even think of going without ticket. But it was a thrilling experience that I had on that day. It was a great fun watching the movie with them. Making comments for each and every scene, screaming, shouting, laughing… It was a great fun! In between, Jaibal’s friends were shouting like “we are the only one to watch movies without tickets… can anyone do it”… They were shouting like anything. But thank God! The sound of the movie suppressed their voice.

Nevertheless, I was so thrilled to watch the movie in that way. It was a great fun! Don’t ask me which theater and which gate-keeper… I wont tell names :D