Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It happens all the time..

Somehow, when the day and time passes, you get used to the feelings of disappointments and loss. It no more pinches you on the center of your heart. Though it still has left some marks, somehow your mind starts feeling that it is manageable. It no more threatens your survival that you have always worried about. You realize the fact that life still goes on. It surprises you that you are still continuing to survive. Thats good, isn't it?

Time is a good medicine. But it is difficult to be patient for time to pass. Every day looks like bunch of years. Of course, it is painful and makes you feel like dying. But then you become normal. One day or the other.

We read, we write, we hear and we say that learn from your mistakes and start implementing your learnings. In real life, all it takes is a moment to fall in the trap [again] and you are forced to learn the same lesson again and again :D It happens. It happens all the time. There is no escape.

You fall in the trap.. you get hurt.. you feel the pain.. time goes on.. you recover.. ready to rock 'n' roll.. and yes, right!! You are now on the second ride. Your realization is too late. Don't worry.. You will be alright!! Just enjoy the ride :-)

Monday, May 24, 2010


Going home (native) is good. The restlessness, frustrations, anger, sadness, disappointments, loneliness, out_of_mood thoughts everything just disappear when I see my mom and sisters. I feel relaxed. I feel lively. I feel recharged with energy. I feel good..

I was at home for the last two days. Spent complete two days just at home. I got into the house on Saturday morning from railway station and stepped out of home to catch my train back to Bangalore on Sunday evening. Two days I was inside my house. No computers.. No internet.. No outsiders.. No symptoms of noise, pollutions, traffic.. Was just enjoying my stay at home.. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is too bad.. :-(

Recently I read a news that a 30 year old lady committed suicide because of poverty and abandoned 3 of her female kids who are less than 9 years old. Now the kids have become orphan since their daddy also abandoned their family long time ago. How can a mother leave her children to suffer like this and take a decision of escaping from all the responsibilities?

Those kids were earlier suffering from hunger and now they will suffer for love and support too.. When people know that they are suffering from poverty, why are they giving birth to more than one child. Just because she knows how to escape from this cruel world, she has done it.. But what about the kids who don't even know what suicide means..

Even a dog does everything it can to continue its survival along with its puppies. Why aren't these people adamant to fight for their survival.. This is too bad.. :-(

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why are we so vulnerable..?

Why do we love them even though we know that they don't care much..?
Why are we so soft even though we know that they throw hammer at us..?
Why are we so tolerant even though we know that they deliberately make us frustrate..?
Why are we so kindhearted even though we know that they take advantage of us..?
Why are we so weak even though we know that it strengthens our enemies..?
Why are we so forgiving even though we know that it is taken for granted..?
Why are we so good-hearted even though we know that they break our heart..?
Why are we so gentle even to those who are rude to us..?
Why are we so empathetic even though they don't give much importance to our feelings..?

Why are we so vulnerable..?

Why are we not learning from the lessons that others teach us all the time by taking advantage of our soft character? While others are busy living their life, even at the cost of someone else's life by taking advantage of their vulnerability, why do we always want to make sacrifice even though we know that it doesn't worth it..? Why..?

When are we going to give importance to our feelings.. our life.. ourself..?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stop chasing..!!

If you think that there is at least someone in this world who feels happy that they have everything they wanted, you are wrong.. Possibly there could be someone who feels happy about having everything they want but it is just an ephemeral joy.. Sooner or later they would start feeling that they are missing something else and will start chasing it.

Most of human life is lived in chasing something just because they have a thought inside that they want it. Only a very short portion of live is really lived with what is at hand. They chase something.. They get it.. They don't have time to live what they have got.. And then again the chasing begins targeting something else.

People are so obsessed with the thoughts of "I should have a looooooooot" rather than "let me first live with what I have got".. The moment they get what they are looking for, immediately something else becomes more important than what they have got just now and the result is, chasing begins again!!

Stop chasing..!! Stop running behind something!! Take a breath!!! Chill out.. Look around.. There are lot to live..