Sunday, November 12, 2006

A day i made my Mom happy...

"Mom is very happy...", my sister told. Her voice was filled with cheers and i could feel the kind of happiness in her tone even though we were talking over phone. "Mom is very happy about what you have bought to her...", she continued. I didnt say anything for that. I smiled within myself. Certain things you cannot express in words but you will feel something good inside you. Then the talk continued with usual things.

It was my mom's long day wish to get a gold chain for her... Here i feel, its quite reasonable to say how was my family situations until i completed my studies... I dont wanna go into details but my family wasn't that much rich to meet each and every individual's dreams and desires... We would get the basic needs satisfied to some extend and the life would be moving on in the same boat... It was my family's dream to make me study well whatever i wish and then to earn well to make my family status a little better to buy what we want and to make our dreams and desires come true...

In that way, one of my mom's long days desire is to buy a gold chain for her... In fact, i didn't know about that... but, i too was thinking of buying a gold chain for my mom...

It was a sunny Saturday evening. "Mom... get ready! lets go for shopping to buy you a gold chain...", I said to my mom. I could see an immediate happiness in her face. On that day evening, My mom, my eldest sister and me went to a Jewellery shop and bought a gold chain in a model that my mom liked. While returning, my eyes were seeing the road side shops which are bright in lights, some darkness here and there in the streets... the wind that blows in our faces... music from some shops passing our ears... but my concentration was not in the street... I was just excited inside my mind that i have bought something to my mom which has brought happiness in her face. She was so happy about that shopping.

When we reached home, my other sisters said,"It was Mom's long day wish to buy a chain for her... because of family situation, she could not buy one for her till this day but she used to say that MY SON WILL GET ME A GOLD CHAIN ONE DAY... she is now so happy that her wishes are coming true!". I turned and looked at my mom. Her face was expressing nothing but a SMILE.

Whenever I ask my mom "what are your wishes...", she never say anything. Her reply would be a smile with lots of love and care with few words saying "Nothing da... you be happy... that will do!". My mom always adjusts herself to our situations and she has used to sacrifice her desires and wishes for us. Though she started forgetting all her desires, I feel its time for me to find out those things and make them true and keep my mom happy. I am so happy that i have started succeeding in that.

The next day night, i started to Bangalore to carry on with my job. The next day morning after i reached home, my phone was ringing. I know it was from my home to enquire whether i reached safely. I picked up the call,

"Have you reached home safely...", my sister asked.
"Yeah very well..."
"Good! by the way, Mom is very happy..." my sister told. Her voice was filled with....(go to the first paragraph)


  1. Very very sweet :).. Its very touching moment.. No words 2 express..

  2. Hey Paul..
    I feel very very happy to see your family members now a days...

    I know.. Now all ur dreams become true..



  3. Hey Polly,

    Good to see ur blog and nice to read.
    Will pray to GOD for you, that you achieve more and bring more joy to your parents n elders ...All the very Best man...