Monday, February 11, 2008

Small thing that teaches great lesson...

Few days back, we were celebrating one of my cousin's birthday... It was totally an unplanned celebration. Nevertheless, we all were in full spirit of joy to have fun. I had my Sony handy cam, so we were shooting whatever was happening, making fun of each other... We also didn't forget to shoot each one's opinion on how they feel about the birthday boy.

We enjoyed a lot, got tired and slept. After we woke up in the morning, we all gathered and wanted to play whatever we filmed during the birthday celebration. It is always a fun to watch ourselves on the television especially if it involves some crazy things that we did in the past. More than just fun, each one started feeling that, their voice is totally different when they heard themselves from whatever we shot last night. For me, my voice was not the voice i usually imagine how it would be heard by others. But others told that, my voice was exactly the same as they usually hear.

Everyone felt that their voice is only differing when hearing on the video though other's voice on the video is the same as they usually hear when they talk. It was quite surprising and to be frank, it was not easy to accept the fact. Because whenever i speak i usually think this is how my voice would be heard by others, but the fact is not the same.

More than a fun, it actually induced me a deep thought in a different perspective. Whenever we talk or do something, we always think this is how it would reach others, but the fact might be different. The way people see it or hear it or receive it might be totally different than what we think. No wonder, why so many conflicts or so many misunderstandings that we see in our day to day life even in the situations where we feel that we were right. It is important to understand how others feel about whatever we do or say rather than just concluding by ourselves that it is how it would be received and later getting into a situation where the fact is different...


  1. hmm.. so paul done enough show off.. by now we know you have sony handycam :P .
    Good point you brought out through this blog. hopefully many were aware but still doubt that they will accept it every time they hear the voice on video. Frankly I do not accept that the camcorder is recording my original voice but actually its recording my real voice. I always doubt the camcoder.

  2. Hello Dude...

    Good observation... Keep blogging