Thursday, July 29, 2010

Uuuuffff!! [sigh]

I, like lots of my other friends, have been keep asking to myself, "why am I being so negative these days..?". Though the the heart knows the answer, my mind says "I don't know".. I'm so pissed off with lots of things happening around me.. More than that, people around me also pissing me off!! The frustration goes real high these days.

When I see a crowd, it threatening me a lot.. It is very difficult to smile and have a casual talk with people when you are totally upset inside and your mind is bothered about something.. Man.. life sucks!! I'm telling you.. Life really sucks!! How long would you hold yourself up and act like you are able to handle the toughest times!! How long can you pretend like you are still a single piece of human when you are completely broken inside..!! It so real hard..

Well.. Guys, don't come and ask me 'why.. what happened.. are you alright.. blah blah..' after reading this post. If you read this post, just keep it within yourself.. I'm neither expecting any comments nor willing to get involved in discussion about the same.. [ God!! how rude I'm!! ] That said, I really wish this post gets unnoticed..

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