Monday, August 30, 2010

So, say it.. Express it..

One of the things I have noticed in most of the relationship is the enthusiasm that was showed at the beginning slowly gets lost when the time passes on. The expression of love, affection, bonding, appreciation during the start of the relationship doesn't seem to continue once the relationship is settled..

May be because people think that 'anyway (s)he knows that I love him/her, so what is there to express again and again'.. But the fact is, people might be bored of repeated talk about something else but they will never be bored to hear or feel repeatedly how much someone loves them.. People are dying for it..

Everyone always look for love and affection to be shown and expressed in lots of different ways.. No matter how old they are.. No matter how old the relationship is.. The need to feel love and care never disappears..

Don't think that things will be understood implicitly when the relationship gets matured.. There are certain things that people explicitly want to hear.. Don't wait for some chance to express your love, care, affection towards your loved ones..

So, say it.. Express it.. Everybody needs it.. All the time!!

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