Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Don’t lose great friendship just for silly mistakes/ego...

It had been more than six months since I talked to him (who is ‘him’??? He is one of my close friends)… Earlier he and I were very close and best friends. Happiness, sadness, frustrations, disappointments, joys, etc… we share everything with each other. Our friendship has very strong and deep roots. What made our friendship so close is that we always be as we are. He or I never pretend to be someone else than truly who we are. We both respect each others feelings and preferences…

Suddenly something happened which resulted in big misunderstanding. Instead of talking about it frankly, each other started doing some mistakes which resulted “not talking to each other” state. We had openly talked a lot of things, but I don’t know how we missed not to talk about this matter frankly. Though we didn’t quarrel with each other, we simply stopped talking to each other.

Days passed… I was thinking that ‘it’s his mistake, so let him take the initiative to talk… why should I take the initiative?’… I am sure he might also have thought the same way. Months passed… We started getting busy with our own world… But I strongly felt his absence in the moments of happiness/sadness etc… I missed a good friend with whom I share lots of feelings.

Six months have passed just like that. One day I had a chance of going through my old diary. I got a very old letter which he wrote to me five and half years back. The words of the letter reflected how much deep and nice friendship we had… After reading it once again, I started feeling that how I could miss a best friend like him in my life… I thought that ‘man… we live our life only once… what are we going to achieve by giving importance to our ego and not talking to each other… It is just one life and I definitely cannot lose a good friend like him… I know that I am missing him and I know that he would also feel the same way since our friendship is like that… then someone has to step up to bring the situation back to normal… I definitely cannot waste any more time by looking at the silly mistakes we both did…’ I decided to call him and wanted to renew our great friendship…

To put away your ego to talk to the other person always demands for a great courage... When you do that you can feel the stress inside. You will always have a feel of what if he/she refused to talk. But always remember that good friends listen to each others… Sometimes it may take a while to bring the situation to normal but being idle will do no good. Some actions have to be taken to make each other understand… I put away my ego of “why should I call first…” because I know that ego never do good things in your life.

When I called him and said “hey, its paul…”, I could hear his cheerful voice of “hi paul… how are you da…”

I said, “I get a chance to go through one of our old letters and we share great friendship…I don’t want to miss you in my life just by seeing ego and silly mistakes…”

He replied saying, “I too was thinking that I missed a good friend…” and we started talking to each other like before 

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