Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why do you wanna decorate the tomb with flowers?

tomb with flower
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What is the point in decorating the tomb of your dear ones with flowers when you have deliberately missed all the opportunity given to you to make them feel special while they were alive..?

I have always seen that lots of people in this world never express their feelings to their loved ones, be it love, care, affection or whatsoever, when they are alive.. But they will try in all possible ways to show how truely they loved someone after they have gone. Why you people are being like that? What is wrong in expressing to your dear ones about your love, care or whatever you feel good about them when they are there? Why are you so afraid to make them feel special when they are alive in front of your eyes..?

How many times have you let your loved ones know how good you feel about them? When someone deserves to be told how special he/she is and how good he/she is, why you people are not taking the opportunities given to you to express him/her how special they are and how much you love him/her?

How do you think that a soul, which has passed away, will feel happy by you decorating the tomb with flowers when you didn't take any effort to tell them how worthy they are when they were alive?

Don't you think that you are doing the worst possible mistake in the world, which you can never correct, whenever you deliberately miss the opportunity to express what you feel about someone whenever you feel good about them..? Don't you think that a person, who is alive, deserves more than the tomb that contains just the corpse?

Learn to live the present moment that you got now.. Tell them that you love them when they deserve it.. Let them know that you care for them when they are alive.. Express how much affection you have towards someone when they are with you, not when they are gone.. Let them know how special they are when they truly deserve it.. Tell them how important they are in your life when they are in your life, not when they are gone away.. Why do you wanna control all your feelings and emotions..? Why do you wanna regret later? Now it is your choice...

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