Friday, July 03, 2009

Why am I staying alone?

Most of the times, my friends ask me, "how are you managing to stay alone?? aren't you bored..? don't you feel lonely?".. It is not that I want to stay alone. But it just happened so..

It is true that I feel lonely sometimes.. But at the same time, it helps me to do whatever I want to do.. To read without any disturbances.. To watch the movie or TV show of my taste.. To think.. To self-introspect.. To blog.. To hear music whenever I want to.. To switch it off if i don't want.. It just that it gives me lots of freedom..

In short, I can be 'just me' when I stay alone.. Nothing more.. Nothing less.. 'Just Me'.. I feel that sometimes such privacy is really required. It is true that staying with nice friends who matches your pulse gives you lots of joy and happiness. I do have such friends but they are not near me. In those circumstances, it is better to stay alone and enjoy the freedom rather than staying with persons who might just mess your life, isn't it? :-)