Monday, June 14, 2010

Good guy to bad guy!!

People feel very happy if you give them everything as "ya, take it". The moment you say, "no, its not yours, please keep it down", they are unhappy. Not just unhappy but they get angry and they want to take revenge that you didn't give them. It doesn't matter to them as to whom something belongs to. It doesn't matter to them as what kind of situation the other person is in. It doesn't matter to them whether or not what they ask for is needed by other person. It doesn't matter to them that they are asking for too much. What matter to them is whether or not they can have it.

They praise you as a nice person, if you are generous enough to say "yes" to all of their demands all the times. The moment they hear a "no" from you, you become the bad guy. All of the sudden you become selfish. My God!! What kind of people are they..??

All they think is, 'what are all yours, is ours and what are all mine is mine'. They want to own something that belongs to us. They want to get paid for our work. They want to take credit for what we do. They don't even feel like asking permission as whether or not to use something that belongs to us. They take our softness for granted. They think that they are smart [or probably they think we are fools]. What the heck!!

Well.. Lets say, "no". If it will be perceived as rude and selfish, so be it! It isn't worth to be soft and kind to those who tries to take advantage of us. Lets teach them some lesson!!

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