Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Thought provoking.. [1]

Today I received a forwarded SMS [Short Message Service]. Don't know who wrote it but I liked it very much since it provoked my thoughts..

Strange Facts:
  • There is always a little truth behind every Just Kidding..
  • There is always a little knowledge behind every I Don't Know..
  • There is always a little emotion behind every I Don't Care..
  • There is always a little love behind every I Hate You..
  • There is always a little pain behind every It's OK..
How true these words are.. Aren't they? Especially I liked the last three points. These might seem to be weird but true. I have experienced them. I have seen them in people I meet everyday.

The purpose of this post is to say, 'hear the words being said but listen to the unsaid' :-) 'Obvious' are always heard/seen but the hided emotions behind the words are missed most of the times. If you really care, pay close attention to what is not said. If you say 'I don't care', I know that there is a little emotion behind it :-)

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