Sunday, October 03, 2010

An innocent and an ass..

"Daddy, what is ass..?"

I was shocked when my three year old son asked me that question innocently. 'who the hell taught him that word?', I thought inside.

"Ah.. ass is an animal.. may be.. ah.. you can think it as kind of another variant of horse.. I will show you the picture sometime..", I thought I managed the question. But he continued.

"So.. mom has that animal? she never showed me..", childish words came out of his mouth..

"Mom..? no.. she doesn't have that animal.. why do you think mommy has one?"

"Because you told mom that 'i will kick your ass'. how can you kick mom's ass if she doesn't have one..?", he asked innocently.

"What..? oh.. uff.. you heard what i said?"

"Ya.. why do you want to kick that poor animal anyway..? isn't she pitiful?", he went on asking. I was speechless..

[Just to mention, it is written based on my imagination, not a real happening :-)]

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