Friday, October 01, 2010

Why is it so complicated..?

"Why is it so hard to talk to someone for the first time..?"

"Because we try to make it easy..!!"

[From the movie 'Ordinary People']

Very true.. Isn't it? Most of the times the struggle we face is due to the fact that we don't wanna go with our own flow.. We don't want to stick to the natural way of doing things.. Many a times, things get tough because we try to make it what it is not.

The complication begins when we wanna make it easier than how it actually is.. We know that going with natural flow is the best way to deal with anything, but even then we wanna try something different.. something new.. hoping that it could get us some better results in more easy ways.. but BANG!!!! mostly it results in we learning the same lesson, 'go with the flow' :D

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