Saturday, November 14, 2009

Becoming judgmental..

Few days back, I was attending a training. Though I already know the concepts and other details of what they are going to teach, the situation forced me to attend again irrespective of me not having any interest. I was in the training room only for the attendance purpose.

Soon after the training has started, I started realizing that the trainer is not well versed in that training program. I was able to identify whenever he was making wrong points since I already have the knowledge on the subject being discussed there. When I started feeling that the trainer was fundamentally going in the wrong direction sometimes, I started raising my opinions through questions, so that not to touch his ego but at the same time I wanted the trainer to realize that the points he was trying to make is something that is unnecessary or irrelevant. The only reason why I wanted to correct him was that I didn't want those people, who are attending the training for the first time, to get trained with wrong points.

A little later, I realized that I became so judgmental that I wasn't able to focus my mind further on the training, perhaps because of the impression that the trainer has made so far. My sense of consciousness made me to start correcting whenever he tells something wrong. But soon I realized that it started bringing some annoyance in the room. Perhaps the people in the room might have wanted to move further with the training instead of me correcting the trainer most of the time.

I felt that 'may be I should calm down and let the training continue' since I have already made my points and shouldn't be hanging on it that can stop the training from moving on further. I, then, realized that its good to bring up the points what we feel is correct, but at the same time we should let things to go on since people, who are listening, have their own sense to decide what is right and what is wrong.

Though I wasn't able to concentrate much on the training, I kept quiet and let the training to continue. I felt that may be I shouldn't have attended the training and was little angry on those who made it mandatory and forced me to attend.

If you are wondering, 'what does this all mean', the answer is 'nothing'.. :-) I'm just telling what has happened. Perhaps the lesson would be not to try correcting someone too much. It is good to let them know what they might probably be doing wrong, but it is up to the person to change or correct him/herself. If I write anything further, it would mean that I'm trying to make my points stronger through this post :D so let me stop here :-)

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