Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Moments of surprises..

Last week when I went to Trichy, my native, it was just two days after my birthday. I didn't celebrate my birthday with my family since I was in Bangalore at that time. When I went there, my mom and sisters wanted to give me a surprise. So they had invited few of my close friends to our home to celebrate my birthday. Though they tried to keep it a secret to surprise me, somehow I came to know about it. What they don't know is that I knew about it. My sisters had asked my friends to bring the Cake since that would be a surprise when they come home.

One of my sister's birthday was just a week back. We didn't celebrate her birthday either since not everyone of my family were available at Trichy during her birthday. So I wanted to give them a surprise while they are excited thinking that they are going to give me a surprise. So I called my friends and asked them to buy another cake having birthday wishes for my sister on it..

The time arrived and my family members were excited to see surprising happiness in my face while I was getting ready to see double excitement in my sister's face because of the surprise that I'm going to give her.

My friends came.. My sisters said to me, "we are celebrating your birthday, so only they have come.. and here is the cake".. There was no another cake that my friends have brought. I guessed something. My sister, whose birthday was just a week back, opened the cake and an immediate surprising smile and happiness started spreading in her face.. and she said aloud with surprise.. "hey.. my name is also there in the cake".. My mom and other sisters were smiling at each other..

I told her with a smile, "well.. we are celebrating your birthday too".. You can see how happy she is in the picture at the time of cutting the cake.. When you give surprise to someone who is thinking of giving you surprise, you can see that the excitement gets doubled :) and I saw that in my sister's face that day..

Moments of happiness :)

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