Saturday, April 10, 2010

Walking away with a smile..!!

I'm afraid to express what I feel.. Sometimes life demands us to give a gentle smile and walk away instead of asking 'why are you doing this to me..?'!! Its all about what your mind feels like doing at those moments. It doesn't mean that you don't have the courage to ask.. You tend to walk away with a smile because you don't want others know that you are broken inside.

Sometimes you don't want to ask such question because you feel that there is no point in asking them. Asking 'why so..?' or expressing what you feel is to make others realize what they have done to you. It is to make those persons to understand how much you are affected because of that. You ask such question because you expect that they would realize that you are hurt and hug you back to give warm feeling. But you tend to think 'what is the point in expressing how much you have hurt', when you know that they are deliberately doing things without bothering too much about your feelings. How expressing going to help in those instances.

They won't feel guilty for what they have done. If they would, they wouldn't have done it. They knew that they are going to break you down. During those moments, you don't feel like asking, 'why are you doing this to me..?'. All you feel is to have a gentle smile on your face, stretch your eye lids to hide your tears, simply walk away.. You don't want to let them know that they had(have) been your weakness..!!

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