Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trust - In my opinion..

I don't understand why people afraid to ask question thinking that the other person might feel bad because trust on them is questioned.. How can asking question mean 'distrust'ing someone.. Trust doesn't mean that you should not question on what someone (whom you trust) does/says/suggests even though you have no idea of why they do/say/suggest. Well, its just my opinion.. Trust never means blindness. If you don't understand, you can very well ask for clarification.

I feel that trust is about the intention of the person. If you trust someone, it just means that you believe their intention. You believe that they will try their best to do things that wont affect you. You believe that they don't harm you intentionally. Trust never means that you shouldn't be asking clarifications on what they do or what they say or what they suggest if you don't understand. It never means that you simply have to follow what they tell you. When you don't understand or don't have clue of what it is all about, there is nothing wrong in asking the question of, 'why is it so..?' or 'what does this mean..?' etc..

If you accept or follow what the other person says without completely understanding what it is all about, I personally term it as 'blindness'.. It ain't trust. Trust makes you feel comfortable to ask for clarifications when you don't understand. It gives you the comfortability to ask right question. If you are wondering, 'well.. I can very well question someone whom I don't trust as well, then whats the difference..?' The point is, when you trust someone, you believe that their intention is good. You believe that their reply for your question will convince you in the positive way. That is what trust is all about. It never means 'not to question'.. It just means that 'not to question the intention'..

Just because you trust somebody, doesn't mean that they might not have overlooked something. Though their intention is good, they might have very well overlooked something because they are also human beings. When you discuss and try to understand things, probably you can find out what they are missing, though they didn't miss it intentionally. If a person is trust worthy, he/she never feels bad to explain you about why they do it. They will definitely consider the points you are bringing. Because their intention is good. I don't think that, just because you trust somebody you can just follow their instruction to sail your boat without questioning which might unknowingly take you to a water falls..

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