Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stop chasing..!!

If you think that there is at least someone in this world who feels happy that they have everything they wanted, you are wrong.. Possibly there could be someone who feels happy about having everything they want but it is just an ephemeral joy.. Sooner or later they would start feeling that they are missing something else and will start chasing it.

Most of human life is lived in chasing something just because they have a thought inside that they want it. Only a very short portion of live is really lived with what is at hand. They chase something.. They get it.. They don't have time to live what they have got.. And then again the chasing begins targeting something else.

People are so obsessed with the thoughts of "I should have a looooooooot" rather than "let me first live with what I have got".. The moment they get what they are looking for, immediately something else becomes more important than what they have got just now and the result is, chasing begins again!!

Stop chasing..!! Stop running behind something!! Take a breath!!! Chill out.. Look around.. There are lot to live..


  1. S/W Engg --> Poet --> Philosopher --> ??

  2. TRUE -- there is no one in this world who feels happy that they have everything they wanted.

    But whatever we wanted to have, are being already owned by someone or the other and hence the chasing.....