Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It happens all the time..

Somehow, when the day and time passes, you get used to the feelings of disappointments and loss. It no more pinches you on the center of your heart. Though it still has left some marks, somehow your mind starts feeling that it is manageable. It no more threatens your survival that you have always worried about. You realize the fact that life still goes on. It surprises you that you are still continuing to survive. Thats good, isn't it?

Time is a good medicine. But it is difficult to be patient for time to pass. Every day looks like bunch of years. Of course, it is painful and makes you feel like dying. But then you become normal. One day or the other.

We read, we write, we hear and we say that learn from your mistakes and start implementing your learnings. In real life, all it takes is a moment to fall in the trap [again] and you are forced to learn the same lesson again and again :D It happens. It happens all the time. There is no escape.

You fall in the trap.. you get hurt.. you feel the pain.. time goes on.. you recover.. ready to rock 'n' roll.. and yes, right!! You are now on the second ride. Your realization is too late. Don't worry.. You will be alright!! Just enjoy the ride :-)

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