Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is too bad.. :-(

Recently I read a news that a 30 year old lady committed suicide because of poverty and abandoned 3 of her female kids who are less than 9 years old. Now the kids have become orphan since their daddy also abandoned their family long time ago. How can a mother leave her children to suffer like this and take a decision of escaping from all the responsibilities?

Those kids were earlier suffering from hunger and now they will suffer for love and support too.. When people know that they are suffering from poverty, why are they giving birth to more than one child. Just because she knows how to escape from this cruel world, she has done it.. But what about the kids who don't even know what suicide means..

Even a dog does everything it can to continue its survival along with its puppies. Why aren't these people adamant to fight for their survival.. This is too bad.. :-(

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