Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gotta learn to move on...

Few days back, when I was talking to one of my friends, I came to know that one of our other friends, who was close friend during college days, gonna get married on coming 20th. While I felt very happy for him that he is going to get married, it was disappointing that he didn't even think of informing or inviting me. In fact, he didn't inform my other friend also with whom I was talking to. That guy came to know from someone else...

Even though we were very good friends during college days, things started changing when professional life started.. My contact with few of my very close friends started getting weak and one day it just lost. It wasn't that i was not trying to contact them. I gave up on them when I started realizing that it is always me who was holding the friendship and try calling them again and again, they never used to call me or think of me. If i don't call them, they just don't bother. They don't even think of calling me back and ask 'what happened? why no calls?'. The moment i get that feel, i just give up. Those moments will just make me feel that they are happy with their new life and I gotta find ways to keep myself busy, find new friends and go on in life...

In the case that I mentioned in the begining, we were in touch for few months after college days. But somehow the contact between us got lost. After several months, I called him back and tried to resume the contact. I even visited his place. Had some good time. Then again the contact between us started losing. When he went to abroad for some assignements, thats it. He neither contacted me while he was there nor he informed me once he came back.

But I was hoping that he would call me when his marriage gets fixed. But that was a disappointment that i had to know from my other friends that he is going to get married.

I always wondered why it is happening. The moment each other's world becomes different, things started getting changed. Neither he nor me depends on each other. Not even for friendship, because people get their own set of new friends. The feeling of friendship just starts to fade. But life still goes on. Only those who gets committed too much into a friendship suffers, thinking why this happens.

But it happens. Gotta learn to move on. It is the way life is :-)

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  1. Anonymous11:20 PM

    hi paul so gud of u n cool of u to write like dis
    ive often felt the same way wit my frens
    n its nice to c someone who's got my experience too