Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When you become victim of a political game...

Oh boy!! I didn't expect that i would get trapped into such a big political game. I thought I have been very alert and taking right decisions. But I don't know how I made such a big mistake of trusting someone whom I shouldn't have trusted at all. How did I overlook while my inner consciousness was already keep telling me that the person is not worth my trust.

Oh boy.. Oh boy!! More than the disappointment of being betrayed, the feeling of becoming the victim of a political game is what hurting me a lot :-(

How did I miss the odds? Well... At least now, I realized it.. It is better now than later.. In that way, I'm happy, however I do not want to miss the lesson of not to trust someone if you already know that the person is a selfish who can do anything if that can gain him/her advantages over you. Especially if it is in official world, you gotta be really careful.

Oh man.. I'm losing my sleeps... I'm so much tensed at the moment (that's why I am posting this at 1.17am in the midnight). I know that I cannot do much about what had already happened. Now I got into a mood that "I don't care any more about what is happening or what has happened..." All I care about is that i gotta be serious and steady on what I really want and start concentrating on... [ F**k you those who are trying to use me as a toy for your own selfish reason... One day you will be paid off, it might not be by me, but definitely you will be taught some lessons by someone ]

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