Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Whats happening with me?

I don't know why, but most often I have been perceived as rude person in my official world [ I don't know how my friends are perceiving me, it is really a big question to be asked now :-( ]. I intentionally try to be more perfect and straight forward at official world, since I personally feel that business demands people to be perfect. But why is that perceived as rude??? I don't understand? My intention has never been to be rude with anyone. 

Is there something really wrong with me? I be nice to the people who are nice. But how can I be nice with those who really pisses me off by either trying to show-off as though they are the boss for everyone and everything or trying to supress me or trying to push their work onto me but still trying to take credit for that work or trying to take advantage of me? How questioning if someone does something wrong can be perceived as rude approach? I dunno. I don't face this problem with people who are being perfect and straight forward.

I do tolerate people even if they are not perfect in my personal world, but is it a big crime to expect people to be perfect in their work at offical world??

I think, I have to take this as an opportunity to revisit myself and watch closely to understand myself better to be as much nice to people as possible.

If you, the person reading this post, are one of my friend who gets connected with me personally, i would like to know what you feel about me. Am I really being rude in my approaches? Perhaps, you can leave an anonymous comment about what you feel abt me? That can help me to understand myself and become better...

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