Thursday, December 17, 2009


The days are moving along with tension. Sometimes (in fact, most of the times) the thoughts, assumptions and dreams don't match the realities. Though they appear to be reasonable and had logical proof points to make you feel as 'yes, your thinking is right..', the reality sometimes is completely different and will make you feel like 'you are completely wrong'..

Sometimes the reality becomes hard to accept. The realities make people to suffer. They make people to hate living. They make people to feel disappointed, sad and completely lost. I sometimes feel like 'I don't want realistic world.. let my dreams and thoughts become my own world..'! But that is never possible. It is a kiddish fairy tale wish.

One thing I learnt in my life is, though the realities are hard to accept, all it needs is little more time to make yourself getting used to what you are into. Lots of people don't realize it. They just get scared in the middle. When you are passing through the tunnel to reach the other side, you might have to travel in the dark. But that never means that your whole life will be dark. It never means that you wont see light any more. All it means that, 'just be patient.. travel through the dark.. but when you reach the other side, it will be bright, sunny and warm.. be little patient!!'

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