Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Surrounded happiness..

Confirmation of the train tickets, arrival of my friends, eagerly waiting family, doubled excitements and happiness :) :) All the signs are showing that the vacation is going to be nice and happy.. what else you want for a happy vacation.. I'm happy that the year is completing in a nice way..

On top of all these things, yesterday my friend surprised me with a gift.. A gift from my wishlists :-) Looks like Santa thought about me on this Christmas.. Happiness and excitements got tripled.. :) :) :)

Sometimes I do feel over excited.. Looks like this is one of those times.. I don't feel like working.. If I rule the whole world, I will order, "Set the clock to 6pm.. NOW..!!" :)

This year has become one of the unforgettable years for many reasons.. Both on the happier and sad sides..

Will write a lot after coming back from vacation.. Happy holidays to you all.. Enjoy the chilled weather, the lovely mists, the joy of the holidays, the moments of togetherness, the surrounded happiness.. 

Wishing you a merry Christmas..


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