Saturday, January 09, 2010

Avatar.. nice movie!!

I was little excited about watching the movie Avatar in 3D though my inner mind was concerned about how expensive the day is going to be.. I read the reviews and comments about the movie before going. Everywhere it was said to be outstanding. That tripled my curiosity to watch that movie in 3D.

I got up late and still felt bit of sleepiness in my eyes. May be because I was watching movies through out the earlier night till 3am. We had to explore the roads of Bangalore since we didn't know the exact route to the theater. I felt if we had followed route suggested by Google maps, we could have went easily but it was good to explore the roads.. We took few turns of our own and somehow we reached the theater. It was fun..

And finally in the theater.. watching the movie.. Avatar.. in 3D.. My mind was filled with the thoughts of how costly the ticket was.. And the movie started.. Man!! mind blowing.. I was amazed.. what an imagination.. creativity.. visual effects.. awesome movie.. I felt that it was worth watching in 3D.. It just takes you to a completely different world.. and makes you to feel that you are in that world.. If you get chance (I suggest that you try to get that chance), watch the movie in 3D.. My mind is still filled with the movie scenes..

The day was good :)

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