Thursday, January 07, 2010

And the days are moving..

The days are dry.. A bit of sleepy mood is still there. I think the present chill climate is one of the reasons [ may be a lame reason :D ]. These days are often filled with friends visits. I didn't get much time to think about myself. Always I have been in gatherings these days.

I'm looking forward for some privacy and time for myself.. May be because I have been pretty much used to be alone.. My mind demands to be alone sometimes.. To spend some quality time with myself. To do something that I want to do. Not to have any diversions. Not to be disturbed by other's thoughts and actions. To get lost in my own world and thoughts.

Those are about my inside world. On the outer side, my friend has booked Avatar 3D show tomorrow. I wasn't much interested to go though I wanted to watch the movie. May be because I have lots of works to complete. The main reason is I don't want to spend huge money in movies. But when he asked me, it was kind of tempting.. One of the reasons could be it is 3D. "It is okay to have some entertainment..", I thought. So I said 'yes'. This might be the last movie, a probable last movie, that I might be watching in multiplex. Lets see.

And the inside world again.. Lots of random thoughts are going in my mind. Mind is always racing with lots of 'how do i do..', 'how do i do's.. Nowadays I'm getting too much frustrated for lots of things. I think I have to do something for it. One side of my mind says not to waste any time, but the other side of my mind still in the edge of laziness.

Lets see how things are going to be. Finally I'm getting some time for myself. The house is empty. But my mind is not, which is a good thing :)

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