Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why do people take advantage of me..?

These days have been terrible. And they are continuing to be terrible :-( because I was not able to say 'no..' to certain people though what they are asking for is a lot more than what I could possibly give. I'm a completely different personality at business, who knows how to say 'no' whenever it has to be said. But in personal life, I'm opposite. I always find difficulty to say 'no' to those who are around me (that 'around' doesn't include dear ones; because I never want to say 'no' to them at any cost).

Few people are taking my emotional weakness for granted and they are ready to play their game as the way they want to. Just because I'm emotionally weak and kind, lots of people are misusing it. Even during extreme situations, they simply don't understand (or not even ready to understand) my side of explanation. For them, what they want needs to be done. No matter what my situation is or what kind of mental disturbance and torture I go through. They simply take things for granted.

I'm nowadays sick of these people. How long can I be a fool who keeps on bearing extreme disturbance of those people and the advantage that they take over me. Sometimes (in fact most of the times) the only way to let my frustration out is through blogs. I'm still weak. I'm not able to get the courage to tell them directly on their face as, "what you are doing is completely unacceptable..!!"

I don't know how long this is going to continue. Probably when I'm going to repel, its going to be a blast. I'm trying to be calm and patient as much as possible but few people are testing my patience to its extreme limit. I'm unable to accept the fact that they are making use of me just because I'm unable to reject their unfair requests outright.

These days have taught me so much. But how long I'm going to keep on learning without taking action based on what I have learnt. I'm still good may be because I still don't want to tell something on their face and hurt them. But that doesn't mean that I will continue to be so.


  1. Paul, Dear whats wrong ??
    You can always have open conversation with anyone, no matter how dear he/she is to you. I'd suggest to start talking at the very moment when you're really not comfortable doing certain things. You know its the two way conversation that works, win/win always. Don't choose loose/win.
    Frustration is never good for anyone. You've some other great responsibilities to look at. So be brave go ahead, and kick those dear one's a**.

    And don't hesitate to tell me if I've to save mine :)

  2. :-) That (the last line) was a good one.. lol..

    The problem is not with dear ones. Because I usually don't want to say 'no' to them; moreover i give them the rights to take advantage of me because I know that the advantage that they would take will always be on the positive side. Because they are my dear ones :)

    But the problem comes with those who are 'not so dear'.. And the open conversation with those people always fails because they don't understand or they choose not to understand. And yes, you are right! its time to kick their a** :)

  3. Thank God I'm safe !!!