Monday, January 25, 2010

Realizing when not to show up..!

Sometimes it does become important just to keep up a smile on the lips and not to show up what is going on in your mind.. Smile is a very powerful weapon. That would make people wonder what you are up to.. Especially in the situations where you are little confused as what you want to do.. Especially when you are talking with someone who is trying to pull your leg (not for fun but seriously).. Especially when your mind starts to think about some drastic decision [ it could be drastic to you or to the other person ;) ]..

I somehow learnt that it is not always good to show up what is going on in your mind. Not to let your frustration, anger, disappointment, shock show up when you are talking with someone who, if they know, can make moves based on that and put you into even more deeper trouble. Sometimes it is good to do things silently. That is one of the best ways to shock the opponent. By opponent, I don't mean a warrior with weapon or pistol. I meant those people who try to take advantage of you, or try to misuse you for their own reason, or try to corner you to gain power, or try to put you into trouble and enjoy when you struggle or those who directly attacks you emotionally or through some other means (if they attack physically that is completely a different topic to discuss since that would become a crime and you can very well file a case :D)..

When people are trying to play games with you (I'm not talking about the indoor or outdoor games) to put you into trouble or try to gain advantage of you, its better not to show up your emotions until you understand the rules of the game and come up with your own strong strategic moves. You might not even want to let them know whether or not you have noticed that they are trying to corner you. Better to watch it carefully and make your moves silently and yet strong.

One day they should understand that your silence never means acceptance or fear. They should be shocked that they made their moves miscalculating what you are capable of. Work silently. Give them a BIGGGG shock one day. And thats the way how you can have your own fun.. 


  1. Well..... I find it a bit difficult to digest !!
    Don't you think its kind of contradictory, when you REVEAL ur SECRETS in the post ?

  2. :) well.. it is not really my secret.. :)