Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lets play the game.. :)

The new year has started.. I was in vacation mood till yesterday and today somehow got back to my normal mood of work-life balance. I have to over-stretch somehow to complete the work that I was supposed to have completed for the last few days. These days are filled with lots of energy.. But no actions :D Somehow the days are passing just like that.. 'I don't want it to go like this. I have to do something.. Something useful.. Something that I can be proud of..' My mind is filled with these thoughts only..

People are asking me about my new year resolutions. I kind of don't believe to wait for new year beginning to take any new resolutions. May be it is for those who have starting trouble. For those who want some reason for a change. I believe in taking any resolutions or bringing any change or improvement "within" as and when you feel like doing. You don't have to wait for some day to bring a change within you for your own betterment.

It is better to live everyday with the conscious thought of 'what I have done today..', 'how could I have done it in a better way..', 'how can I make my day more useful for me and for others..' etc. Introspecting yourself every now and then is good. If you want to become a better person, to live a better life, to be the best among the rest, then you better introspect yourself often. Keep improving yourself.

More importantly, find out what you are best at.. And make use of it. There is no point in keep on improving without identifying what you are best at. Then you can be a jack of all trades but you wouldn't be knowing what you are master at.

Thats all my new year blabbering. Now I will let you play your game in your own style :) Play safe, play wise, play nice.. At the same time, don't miss the fun :) That is very important :)

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