Thursday, February 18, 2010

Busy Bee..

Life is going really busy these days. Not finding enough time to sleep. It happens especially when I be lazy for some period and spend my time luxuriously. So now, I have to chase up with those stuff that I postponed and yet do whatever I'm supposed to be doing now. When the backlog increases, it makes life little tougher yet interesting :) May be, I'm a kind of guy who enjoys life when it goes really busy. May be that is one of the reasons why I be lazy for sometime, so that my backlog can increase in multi fold, so that I get enough stuff to keep me busy.. [see, what a kind of excuse I'm giving to myself :D]

Work is keeping me busy on one side, while my personal life still demands much of my time. Especially after resuming the activity [they call it habit, but i'm yet to put enough effort to make it a habit :D] of reading, life becomes very busy. One way it is good. It makes me not to think too much about certain stuff that I normally worry about.

Talking to friends, emailing/chatting with them has increased a bit nowadays. It gives me a good feeling. Planning to go out this weekend for photography. Lets see how it goes. So, how are things your side...?

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