Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Prepare for the unexpected..

Life isn't always easy.. Smooth sailing isn't always possible.. Just because things have been good doesn't mean that it will continue to be the same for the rest of your life. It is important to understand this and be prepared to handle the tough time. Of course, you shouldn't be missing the joy and happiness of the present moments, especially when things are going in the right direction. But getting ourself prepared to face the varying rhythms of life becomes important to keep ourself moving ahead irrespective of the situations we face.

It works the other way as well. Just because you are going through bad time doesn't mean that your rest of the life is going to be a hell. The climate change, the wind changes its directions, it rains when you don't expect, it becomes cold, it becomes hot.. so as the life.. Expecting the unexpected can help to handle the 'ups and downs' of the life easily.. It also gives more joy when things happen in the right way and reduces the stress when things don't go well since you have 'kind of' expected it..

I always see that people get upset when things suddenly change [including 'me' sometimes]. They get into a horrible state of stress and unable to handle the truth that things aren't the same as what it was few seconds back. They are not prepared. Handling the brighter side of life is always easy. Because when things go well, you automatically be filled with lots of energy, so moving ahead isn't that difficult.

Problem comes when things change in the negative direction. Especially when you haven't expected and not yet prepared for the change. It is always good to have a backup plan as 'what if it doesn't go well..?' But thinking of 'what if' shouldn't be ruining your present moments and eventually force things to go wrong :-D So enjoy the present moments. At the same time, prepare yourself to handle the truth that 'life becomes tough at times'..

More importantly, develop the attitude of concentrating on 'what to do' when tough time comes.. Worrying isn't going to change anything. Fight the hard times. Think what you need to do to bring the things back to normal.. Be flexible to change your plans when things are not going in the way you expect, yet getting to the place where you want to be. Always get to know the multiple routes to the same destination. If one route doesn't work out, try different routes. Have different plans for life. Face and handle the change in the situation.. Of course, you cannot change the destination, but you can change the route according to the situation and still reach your destination..

Remember that life is what we make it.. what we choose to do.. it is absolutely based on the decisions we make. We can choose to fight back the situations or we can choose to get killed by the situations.. Every second of the life demands you to make decision based on the situations.. Always take the decision that favors you, which gets you what you want, which helps you to move further towards your ultimate goal and destiny :)

Come! Lets live the life!! :)

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