Saturday, February 20, 2010

Discuss your (miss)understandings..

How much ever you try avoiding, misunderstanding happens all the times.. Sometimes it is even worse that the person who misunderstands don't even want to discuss about it. They want to chew their thoughts based on their own assumptions, judgments and based on what they saw, heard, read, or understood. They don't even think in the aspects of "can't there be a tiny possibility of my understanding of what I saw or heard could be different than the other person's intention".

Most of the relationships break only because of misunderstandings. The problem comes when someone isn't open to talk/discuss about what is bothering them and not taking effort to discuss their understanding through open talks. When certain things, especially the ones that bother the inner mind, are not discussed openly, they eventually result in frustration and one day there is going to be a big blast and thats when everything will break..

In some other cases, even if they are ready to discuss it, they keep their mind rigid thinking that what they assume or judge is correct. If the mind is not flexible enough to consider the other person's point of view, there is no point in discussing about it. It is as good as not discussing and eventually it is not going to help.

We might very well be right and what we have understood might be correct, but keeping the mind open and flexible to consider other's thoughts and their side of assumptions and intentions can only help to bring the understandings back to the right track.

During the discussions, it is important to have the attitude of 'I want to workout this relationship..', rather than having the thoughts of 'I'm right and you are wrong'. Most of the times compromises, forgiving, flexibility to understand and consider other's situations are really important to keep the relationship going.

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