Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He switched off his phone because I was busy.. :D

My phone rang when I was busy washing my clothes. I quickly went and saw who was calling. It was one of my friends.. 'Let me call him back after few mins..', I thought. So I decided not to pick up the phone and went back to continue washing my clothes.

After few minutes, I called him back.. I heard a sweet lady voice instead of my friend's. She said, 'The number you are trying to call is presently switched off. To leave a voice message press '*' followed by the ten digit mobile number...', I didn't want to hear further. I hung up the phone.

After an hour or so, he called me again. This time I didn't want to miss his call, so I picked up and said, "hiiiiii.. whatz up dude..!".

Instead of telling 'hi', he started complaining me as I don't pick up the phone when he calls. I smiled and said, "Dude.. I was busy doing something else, so I thought I would call you back after few minutes but you switched off the phone..".

I continued to ask him, "why did you switch the phone off..". I knew he wasn't at roaming either for him to switch it off to avoid unnecessary calls.

"I called you, you were busy, so I switched off my phone..", he replied. He might have tried to say something else. And yes, he was continuing to say something else.

I started laughing.

"You switched off the phone because I'm busy..?", I laughed out again.

"******.. first let me complete..", he said louder. That ****** is a bad word he used. And thats his usual way of talking. Then he tried to continue explain me again. But I cut him off again and told,

"You switched off because I'm busy ah..?",  I started laughing again.

"******.. ******.. ******.. ", he started scolding me in bad words. He must have got pissed off.. But who cares, I was laughing! He hung up the phone. I know he would call me back and yes he did..

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