Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reading Ponniyin Selvan

It would have been almost four years since I bought the complete series of Ponniyin Selvan.. I have heard very good reviews about that book, so I thought I would buy it and read it sometime. But I never got time to read it. Just two days back, I thought why not to start reading it slowly. I haven't even completed first book yet (5 books complete the whole story) but I'm amazed by the way the story has been told. Kalki (the author of Ponniyin Selvan) is really a great novelist, I thought.

There are lots of characters, however Kalki managed to write the story such that it doesn't bore. It provokes the interest of the reader and makes them not to keep the book down without completing it. He is really a good story teller. So far I have read almost 23 chapters and I've hardly saw few words repeating. I was wondering how much this guy rich in Tamil literature and Tamil words. His narration is too good. Each and every page is fast paced and very interesting. More importantly, as I mentioned above, I'm impressed by the Tamil words the author used in the novels and his Tamil literature knowledge.

Really loving the book. I'm so very eager to complete the whole series in one shot, but I'm unable to find time for this since I have other priorities. So I decided to read it few chapters everyday, so that eventually I can complete this historically famous novel.

If you like reading Tamil books, I suggest you to read Ponniyin Selvan and I'm sure you wont regret the time you spent on that. :-)

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  1. It is very true. This is one riveting novel. But I suggest you read it slowly, say a chapter at a time. Bcoz, once you complete, you'll miss it real badly.