Sunday, March 07, 2010

About women's day.. (to girls)

Equivalent to boys.. Achievements in all fields.. Excellence in studies.. Holding big titles.. responsibilities.. you could wonder, "why do we still need a dedicated one day celebration as women's day.." when you have also marked your success in this competitive world..

The sufferings, taking the extra burden, brave attempts to prove that you can also do something, the struggle to come out to let the world know that you are equal in all aspects.. Aren't all of those done to change the world from 'one day for us' to 'all the days are ours'..?

So now you have proved everything.. Why still need the exclusive day for celebration as women's day.. The answer could be, even though you reached heights, the first brave step would still be remembered, wouldn't it..?

In one aspect, for all the girls who have achieved and who are on the way to their achievements, this could be a day to think over their achievements, their brave attempts to get over the struggles and to appreciate each other for their accomplishments. In this fast paced world, you sometimes forget to sit and chew the path you walked through, to appreciate yourself for all the courage and hard work you have put to reach the heights.. Let this be a day for yourself to appreciate your efforts..

But at the same time, there are still girls who haven't even come out.. who don't even know that they have rights to come out.. who needs guidance.. who needs motivation to get the courage.. who doesn't know that they also can achieve.. they don't know that they have equal rights in all aspects.. So in a different perspective, let this be a day where you identify those girls who are in need of help, encouragement and guidance.. Inspire them.. talk to them.. let them know that there is a way out.. let them know that they can also reach heights.. show them the path for light.. when you encourage them, they will get the real motivation.. when they see that there are other girls who achieve, they also get the motivation to achieve.. they need some guidance.. they need some motivation to get the courage.. So as a woman, you have the responsibility to help such fellow-woman who are in need of help..

So let this be a day not only for gathering or celebration but also to think about your own achievements, appreciate each other's accomplishments and more importantly try to make some efforts to help, guide and motivate those girls who are still on their dark side of life.. Happy women's day to all girls.. My appreciation and wishes for all the achievements you have done so far, for all the efforts you have been making and for the big things you are going to do in future..

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