Monday, March 15, 2010

Love people as the way they are..

It isn't easy to accept people as the way they are.. Its easy when said in quotes.. When given advise.. But in reality, it isn't easy to follow.. Human brains are designed to accept anything by comparison. Except if it is new and hot [by hot, i didn't mean sexy ;-) It is just a phrase I'm using to mean recent :D].. But then, human brains are also given capability to mature by reasoning and understanding explanations.. and hence this post :)

Often what bothers our mind is not the behavior, character, skill or personality of the other person.. It is the result of comparison. Our mind knowingly or unknowingly starts to compare anything that it reads, sees, feels, visualizes or experiences with similar thing in the past. Thats what creates problem in the present moments and eventually ruins the future.

Accepting the fact that people are different, each have their own uniqueness, own way to express, own way to do things etc can somewhat help the mind to adjust with others. Love people as the way they are. If their 'as the way' isn't matching your frequency, don't hate them for that. Just move on.. World is so big.. If you move on, you can see there are a lot to experience and love.. Don't waste your time on bothering yourself too much about someone else's 'different' behavior.. Remember, when you feel that someone isn't in an acceptable frequency of yours, its the same feeling that the other person goes through in their mind. The way your eyes see them is the same way how their eyes see you..

"If you start judging people, you will have no time to love them", is a quote by Mother Theresa. One of my all time favorite quotes. So often we spend too much time within ourself thinking about stuff that we don't like (in other words, feel different) in others. Be it a character, behavior, personality, imperfection or what so ever.. Most of the times our eyes are focused on the small little black dot on the big white paper.. We forget the fact that there is so much white to concentrate on.. But we focus on the tiny dot.. If you feel that someone is not very perfect in something and if that bothers you, then you should understand the fact that the other person is bothered by you being perfect.. Because in their world, being not_so_perfect is the way to live.. It is just that some people prefers the color black than white..

There is nothing wrong or right. Everything is what we decide.. It all depends on how one feels about it. What is said to be a crime in one country has been approved by the government in another. It is the way it is. There could be 'I could accept..' or 'I couldn't accept..'! But what you 'don't accept' or 'can't accept' never means that it is wrong.

If you feel that there is so much differences that you are unable to get along with, then move on with your own choices. There is no point in hating or disliking someone just because they are different than your expectation. At the same time, in a different perspective, understand the fact that most of the times opposite poles only attract each other. Two things designed in an opposite way is what fits well together. Difference is what attracts. If you start viewing the differences as something new to explore and experience, then it becomes interesting. Develop the curiosity to accept and understand the differences.. Thats why God has created males and females.. Of course, there are gays and lesbians which clearly indicates that there are people who prefer similarities over differences.. Can't help it.. [OK Guys..!! I'm just using it as a contextual example.. Don't think otherwise ;-) ].. If you can't stand the differences, move on.. Thats OK!!

So the summary is, if you are not comfortable with one's character, personalities or whatsoever, learn to move on instead of disliking or hating them.. Don't discourage them for being so. Don't let them feel bad about it.. don't hurt their feelings. realize the fact that they might also have similar feelings as you.. But at the same time, as much as possible, accept people as they are.. Life is enjoyable only when you start seeing the beauties as the way they are [God!! Don't think wrong again.. It is just a poetic way to say that 'accept people as they are'].. Cheers!!