Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Some incident testing my honesty :)

It was 8 p.m. when I reached home. I was feeling very hungry.. 'May be because I didn't have snacks in the evening', I thought. Recently a new restaurant had been opened near the place where I live. They had highlighted Briyani as their special dish. I was looking for a right day to try it and I thought 'today would be the best day to try' since I was feeling very hungry.

Thoughtful seating arrangements, colorful decorations, nice music.. the environment was very good.. the menu had limited items.. 'may be they want to concentrate on quality of the items than the quantity', i thought inside. One guy came to take the order. He was very polite. Did I mention 'very'.. yes.. he was very polite.. and waited for my order.. I glanced through the items and said, "gimme egg Briyani.. hmm and a chicken curry". He noted down what I said and was about to leave.

"ah hmmmm.. wait a minute..", I stopped him. Thought for a while and said, "make it chicken 65.. not chicken curry.."

He corrected the order. He tried to repeat the order, "one plate chicken 65 and a chicken Briyani..' and watched my expression.

I smiled and said, "no.. chicken 65 and egg Briyani.."

He gave a kind of expression that said, 'oops..' and then went inside. He then served water in a stylish glass.. It was mineral water.. 'nice..', I said to myself.

The food came. I took a bite on 65ed chicken [I was trying to sound like 'fried' chicken, 'grilled' chicken etc.. excuse me for my english :D], it tasted good. I tried the Briyani.. The taste was again good. Finally some good restaurant nearby.. I felt good.

The bill arrived. It was mentioned as "Briyani rice and chicken 65" and the total amount mentioned was Rs. 10 lesser than what it was supposed to be since I ordered Egg Briyani, which was Rs. 10 more than the Briyani rice. First I felt happy that "wow.. they have missed Rs. 10.." But that was just for few seconds, then immediately my inner sense woke up and said to me, "dude.. be honest.. tell them that they wrongly billed.."

I was about to say it, but then my other part of the mind said, "wait.. if you tell that the items were wrong in the bill, he (the guy who took the order and brought the bill) is surely going to get screwed by his boss.. and his boss might not trust him anymore for sure". 'He might even lose his job for this kind of carelessness..', I thought.

Now, I'm confused!

"Do I want to save this guy or want to be honest..?", I asked myself. 'If I try to save this guy, it would probably mean that I'm allowing him to do this mistake again..', I thought.. I don't know what to do now..

I thought for a while.. and then, "ah.. hell with them! I save 10 rupees..", I thought.. :D 'anyway these guys charge so much for food.. they losing 10 rupees is OK..' :P

I added half of that amount (Rs. 5) to the tip.. '50-50', I thought.. and I left..

OK.. Don't look at me like that.. I'm a good person only :D I just wanted to save that guy, honestly..

But after reaching home, I thought that I should have told him privately that he wrongly billed and I didn't tell just because he might end up in trouble. I should have also advised him not to be careless again.

And for my honesty, I will add that 10 rupees to my charity fund and give it to some needy person. Trust me, I will do that :-)

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  1. You can give me one small snacks treat, when you come to EGL next time.