Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sometimes change is good..

Sometimes change is desired not because you want to try new stuff.. but because you want to get rid of few things that bother your mind.. In those situations, even those who don't like changes still prefer one because the pain of change is better than a living hell.. They want a closure. They want to feel better.

Sometimes such change happens in the flow without much of the efforts from the individual. But most of the times, it is the individual who has to take effort to bring closure to those that bothers them. There is no point in hanging around something that keeps on generating pain inside your heart. Accepting the fact that things will never be the same all the time, can help to make effort for a new change.. To get into a new environment where you can start things fresh.

Sometimes change is good. It helps to move on in life. It helps to realize the fact that your survival continues when you thought that you are just going to die. It helps you to understand the fact that there are lot more to life than what you thought.

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